Rangers FC - The History and Legacy of Rangers Football Club - 15/Feb/2024

Rangers FC – The History and Legacy of Rangers Football Club – 15/Feb/2024

The History and Legacy of Rangers Football Club

Rangers Football Club, established in 1872, stands as one of the most storied and successful football clubs in the world. The club, based in Glasgow, Scotland, boasts a rich heritage filled with triumphs, challenges, and legendary figures that have graced its ranks both on and off the pitch. Let us delve into the history of this iconic institution, its achievements, impact on Scottish football, and its place in the broader footballing landscape.

The Founding Years and Early Successes

Rangers FC was founded by four young men – brothers Moses and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell, and William McBeath – who had a vision of creating a football club that would rise to prominence in Scottish football. The club played its first-ever match against Callander at Flesher’s Haugh on Glasgow Green, featuring a simple yet endearing blue uniform that would come to be recognized worldwide.

The early years were formative for Rangers as they established themselves in the domestic game. The turn of the century saw Rangers securing their first league titles, heralding the arrival of the club as a force within Scottish football. These triumphs laid the groundwork for what would become a club with an insatiable appetite for success.

Dominance in Scottish Football

Throughout the 20th century, Rangers FC emerged as one of the two dominant teams in Scottish football, their rivalry with Celtic dubbed ‘The Old Firm’ becoming one of the most intense derbies in world sport. Rangers’ relentless pursuit of silverware saw them accumulate numerous Scottish Premiership titles, Scottish Cups, and League Cups, epitomizing their status as Scottish football royalty.

Their domestic dominance also extended periodically to performances on the European stage, with Rangers reaching the finals of European tournaments, notably winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972 under manager Willie Waddell—often revered as one of the pinnacle achievements in the club’s history.

The Managers and Players That Defined An Era

Rangers FC has been home to some of the most notable managers in football. Iconic figures like Bill Struth, Jock Wallace, Walter Smith and more recently Steven Gerrard have all held the reins at the club, cultivating a culture of excellence and instilling a philosophy of winning.

The club’s history is illuminated by players who have become legends not just at Ibrox Stadium but in football at large. From Jim Baxter’s technical prowess to Ally McCoist’s goal-scoring feats and Paul Gascoigne’s flair, these players have left an indelible mark on Rangers fans’ hearts and on the annals of football itself.

Challenges and Resurgence

The life of Rangers has not been without its challenges; financial difficulties culminated in administration and subsequent placement into the fourth tier of Scottish football in 2012. This period tested the resolve of everyone associated with Rangers but also galvanized their fan base around the world as they supported their team’s climb back to the top-flight.

Having successfully navigated these recent trials, Rangers have reestablished themselves as contenders both domestically and in UEFA competitions under managers such as Gerrard and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Their title victory in 2020/21 showcased not only a return to form but also close to a decade’s resilience culminating in lifting the trophy once more.


  • Rangers FC was founded on March 1872
  • They won their first league title in Season 1890-1891
  • Their 54 national league titles are amongst the highest tally by any football club worldwide
  • The European Cup Winners’ Cup was lifted by Rangers in 1972
  • The club entered administration in February 2012
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