Europa Conference League - Introduction to the UEFA Europa Conference League - 16/Feb/2024

Europa Conference League – Introduction to the UEFA Europa Conference League – 16/Feb/2024

Europa Conference League: A Comprehensive Guide to UEFA’s Newest Club Competition

Introduction to the UEFA Europa Conference League

The UEFA Europa Conference League is the third-tier European club football competition inaugurated in the 2021–2022 season, following the Champions League and Europa League. It was created with the intention of giving more clubs from a broader spectrum of UEFA’s member associations an opportunity to participate in European competitions. This article explores the structure, objectives, and impact of this newly established league on European football.

Origins and Objectives of the Europa Conference League

The idea for such a competition emerged as part of UEFA’s club competition reform, which aimed to make European matches more inclusive and competitive for teams that might otherwise miss out on participating. The rationale behind the Europa Conference League was to allow smaller or less dominant league teams to experience European football, which could help with financial gains through prize money, broadcasting rights, and boosting player and club profiles.

Competition Format and Qualification Criteria

The Europa Conference League operates with a similar structure to its sister competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League. Clubs qualify based on their domestic league and cup performances, with exact criteria varying by country due to UEFA coefficients. National associations are allocated a certain number of places in each competition depending on these coefficients.

Once teams qualify, they enter into several rounds of play:
– Preliminary rounds: These early rounds filter lower-ranked teams from smaller associations.
– Qualifying phase: A series of two-legged knockout fixtures.
– Play-offs: The final qualifying hurdle before the group stage.
– Group stage: Teams are divided into groups, playing each other home and away in a round-robin format.
– Knockout phase: The eight group winners advance directly to the round of 16, while the eight runners-up face third-placed teams from the Europa League group stage in a knockout round play-off.
– Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final: These subsequent rounds are classic knockout stages leading to the crowning of the Conference League champion.

Promotion and Prestige in European Football

Although it’s considered the third tier, the UEFA Europa Conference League has strategic importance for participating clubs. Winning grants a qualification spot for the subsequent UEFA Europa League season, creating a tangible reward for success beyond titles and recognition. Moreover, it bestows international exposure and experience upon emerging clubs and provides additional revenue streams crucial for their growth.

Impacts on Domestic Football Clubs and Leagues

Implementation of the Europa Conference League could have several implied effects on domestic club strategy. Smaller clubs now have higher aspirations within reach, which can reshape national league competitions as they adapt to qualify for European football spots. Furthermore, this initiative recognizes and rewards consistent performance across multiple platforms — domestically and on continental stage.

Future Prospects of the Europa Conference League

With any fresh introduction to European football comes speculation about its long-term prospects. As seasons progress, adjustments may be made to enhance competitiveness or adjust for market demands. The evolving landscape will determine how integral the Europa Conference League becomes in relation to its elder siblings in UEFA’s club competition hierarchy.


  • The inaugural 2021–2022 UEFA Europa Conference League was won by AS Roma from Italy.
  • The final match of each season is played on a Wednesday in late May or early June at a venue selected by UEFA ahead of time.
  • Teams e.g., Tottenham Hotspur from England participated in the initial sessions highlighting interest from reputable clubs even outside the top domestic positions.
  • Prize money for participating in various stages provides substantial incentives for clubs apart from exposure gained through participation.

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