Mary Earps - Who is Mary Earps? - 13/Jan/2024

Mary Earps – Who is Mary Earps? – 13/Jan/2024

Who is Mary Earps?

Born on 7 March 1993 in Nottingham, England, Mary Alexandra Earps is a professional English footballer. She currently plays as a goalkeeper for Manchester United in the English Women’s Super League and for the England National Team.

Her interest in football was evident from a young age. Despite a schooling system that often did not favour girls interested in the field, her ability stood out. She carved out a significant career in women’s football before her current roles, with notable appearances and contributions to top-tier teams both in England and abroad.

Mary Earps’ Early Career

Mary Earps played her first football match at just 8 years old. Since then, she had an unwavering passion for the sport. She pursued her interest in football seriously and became a goalkeeper for the West Bridgford Colts while still at school in Nottingham.

In 2012, she signed with Doncaster Rovers Belles in the Football Association Women’s Super League (FA WSL). She was then transferred to the Birmingham City Ladies team in the same year following the Belles’ demotion from the WSL later in the season.

Professional Football Career

Earps’ career in professional football began in 2012, but her breakthrough came in 2013 when she signed with the Birmingham City. She was then transferred to Bristol Academy in 2014.

Mary Earps moved from the UK to Germany in 2018, where she signed with out women’s football powerhouse, VfL Wolfsburg. Here, she learned and grew a lot as a player.

Currently, she is a goalkeeper for Manchester United, having signed on to the team in 2019. She quickly became a crowd favourite upon her arrival.

International Career

Earps first represented England in the international scene at the Under-19 level in 2012. She quickly moved up the ranks and represented the Under-23 team that same year.

Her senior debut only came three years later in 2017 during a decisive match against Switzerland. Since then, she has represented England at the World Cup, UEFA Women’s EURO, and the SheBelieves Cup. Mary Earps has without a doubt left an indelible mark on English women’s football at the international level.

The Impact of Mary Earps on Women’s Football

As women’s football grows in popularity and acceptance worldwide, Mary Earps stands out as one of the pioneers who left a lasting impact on the sport. Through her incredible determination, she has broken barriers on what was once a male’s sport and is now a role model for many aspiring female footballers.


  • Earps made her debut for England’s senior team in April 2017 against Switzerland.
  • She was in the squad for the 2019 Women’s World Cup.
  • Earps played 14 games for Wolfsburg during her time in Germany, before returning to England.
  • Mary Earps has 25 England National Team caps.
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    Mary Earps, dressed in her Manchester United goalkeeper attire, takes a dive to save a goal during one of the Premier League matches. Her determination and sheer focus towards the ball are captured in the action-packed snap. The fiery orange sunset forms the perfect backdrop for the shot, symbolising the energy she brings to the field.