Barcelona vs Osasuna – 11/Jan/2024


Barcelona and Osasuna are two highly reputed football clubs based in Spain. They both compete in La Liga, Spain’s primary professional football league, and have fostered rivalry over the years, producing some tantalising matches. However, Barcelona being one of the world’s richest and most successful club has given them an edge in the fixture history. Nevertheless, the rivalry and competition between these clubs have led to countless memorable and important matches.

Barcelona FC

Barcelona Football Club, commonly known as Barça, is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, Spanish, and Catalan footballers led by Joan Gamper, Barcelona has become a symbol of Catalanism. The motto “Més que un club” (More than a club) reflects its commitment to Catalan culture and identity.

Barcelona is one of the most widely supported teams globally, with a fan base extending across continents. The club has collected numerous domestic and international titles, including multiple UEFA Champions League titles, La Liga titles, and Copa del Rey trophies.


Club Atlético Osasuna, commonly known as Osasuna, is a football club based in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain. Founded in 1920, Osasuna has spent the majority of its history in La Liga, Spain’s first division. Osasuna’s home ground, El Sadar Stadium, carries the spirit and passion of its fans, famously known for their persistent support.

While the club may not boast the extensive trophy cabinet that clubs like Barcelona possess, Osasuna has proven to be a formidable opponent. The club is known for producing homegrown talents and adapting a fierce style of play.

Barcelona vs Osasuna: Key Matches and Moments

Through the years, the matches between Barcelona and Osasuna have presented a plethora of moments worth remembering.

One of the most notable games was held on February 26, 2020, with Barcelona facing a challenging away fixture at El Sadar Stadium. The match ended with a thrilling 2-2 draw. Osasuna’s aggression and tenacity were on full display, as they twice came back from a goal down to deny Barcelona victory.

Another match worth noting took place on June 14, 2009, which ended with a 1-0 victory for Barcelona. This game is best remembered not for its goals, but for what it represented. It was the final La Liga match of the season, and Barcelona’s victory secured their first treble, one of the greatest achievements in Spanish football history.


  • Over the years, Barcelona has held the upper hand against Osasuna, outperforming them in most of their encounters
  • Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is the highest goal scorer in the Barcelona vs Osasuna contest, with more than 20 goals scored against Osasuna
  • Osasuna’s best performance against Barcelona came in the form of a 4-2 victory in 1991. This win is considered one of Osasuna’s most significant league victories
  • Barcelona’s biggest margin of victory against Osasuna is a 7-0 win, which took place in La Liga in March 1994
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