What time is the Super Bowl on Sunday - The Schedule of Super Bowl Sunday: Timings and What to Expect - 10/Feb/2024

What time is the Super Bowl on Sunday – The Schedule of Super Bowl Sunday: Timings and What to Expect – 10/Feb/2024

The Schedule of Super Bowl Sunday: Timings and What to Expect

The Super Bowl is among the most highly anticipated events in American sporting culture, captivating millions of viewers annually. As such, the timing of the event on Super Bowl Sunday is essential for fans, advertisers, broadcasters, and party planners alike. In this article, we will explore what time you should expect the Super Bowl to start, what pre-game and halftime events are scheduled, how time zone differences affect viewing, as well as some tips for international viewers.

Super Bowl Kickoff Time and Pre-Game Programming

The Super Bowl’s kickoff time is firmly established to maximize viewership across the United States. Traditionally, the Super Bowl begins in the early evening, Eastern Time, which typically places the game’s start between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM EST.

Pre-game coverage usually starts early in the morning on Super Bowl Sunday, with broadcasters covering everything from player interviews, team strategies, and human interest stories related to the teams and the host city. The hours leading up to the game are packed with expert analyses, predictions, special guest appearances, and retrospectives on the season leading up to the championship game.

The Halftime Show: A Spectacle within the Sports Event

Equally as famous as the game itself is the Super Bowl halftime show. The event draws significant viewership in its own right, featuring high-profile musical performances from some of the world’s biggest stars. The halftime show begins once the second quarter ends, typically around 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST.

Halftime intermissions for regular NFL games are typically 12 minutes long; however, for the Super Bowl, fans can expect a more prolonged intermission to accommodate elaborate performances which can last up to around 30 minutes.

Time Zone Considerations for Viewers

Given that the United States spans multiple time zones, start times differ accordingly. For example, while the East Coast (Eastern Standard Time) will tune in at approximately 6:30 PM for the kickoff, viewers on the West Coast (Pacific Standard Time) should be ready to watch at approximately 3:30 PM PST.

Central Time zone viewers can expect coverage to begin around 5:30 PM CST, whereas those in Mountain Time should prepare for a 4:30 PM MST start.

International Viewing Tips for Super Bowl Followers

Internationally, American football fans often need to adjust their schedules significantly due to time zone differences. In Europe, for instance, the Super Bowl may begin late at night or very early in the morning of the following day. Viewers in London will need to wait until approximately 11:30 PM GMT on Sunday for the event to begin.

For those in even further eastern time zones like Asia or Australia, the game falls on Monday rather than Sunday because of timezone crossing (for instance, New Delhi would see it starting at around 5:00 AM IST on Monday). Many international networks cover the game live or it can be streamed online on various platforms where available.


  • The specific Super Bowl kickoff time may vary by a few minutes year-to-year but often falls around 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • International viewers need to consider not just time zone differentials but also whether their location observes daylight saving changes when planning to watch live.
  • Halftime shows are expansive theatrical experiences often attracting equal non-sporting interest as much as on-field gameplay performances.
  • Final Remarks on Time Management for Super Bowl Festivities

    When making plans for watching this exhilarating championship game, it’s important for potential viewers to be cognizant of not just game-time but all the pre-and post-game festivities which add substantially to the overall experience.

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