What is autosexual - Understanding Autosexuality: A Comprehensive Overview - 09/Mar/2024

What is autosexual – Understanding Autosexuality: A Comprehensive Overview – 09/Mar/2024

Understanding Autosexuality: A Comprehensive Overview

Autosexuality is a term that might not be as well-known as other identities within the spectrum of human sexuality. But what does it mean to be autosexual, and how does it fit into our contemporary understanding of sexual orientation and attraction? This article aims to delve into the concept of autosexuality, exploring its definition, implications, and how it relates to personal identity and expression.

Demystifying Autosexuality: A Unique orientation

Autosexuality is a sexual orientation where an individual feels sexual attraction toward themselves. It’s about feeling a romantic or sexual desire predominantly or exclusively directed towards oneself. This might manifest in various forms of self-adoration, such as being turned on by one’s reflection, enjoying one’s own physical form, or deriving pleasure from thoughts and fantasies of oneself rather than—or alongside—Others.

Differentiating Autosexuality from Narcissism

Contrary to some misconceptions, autosexuality is not the same as narcissism. While narcissism involves excessive self-focus and self-importance often at the expense of others, autosexuality is specifically related to the experience of sexual attraction. Someone who identifies as autosexual often experiences deep affection and satisfaction with themselves that is akin to the feelings one might have towards a different partner.

Exploring Autosexual Behavior

For individuals who identify as autosexual, their sexuality may be expressed in a variety of behaviors that are self-focused. This may include activities such as masturbating while focusing on oneself—such as looking in a mirror—fantasizing about oneself in a sexual way, or enjoying selfies or videos of themselves. Autosexual behaviors are engaged in for personal gratification and are consensual activities that only involve the self.

Considerations of Autosexuality in Relationships

Navigating relationships can be distinct for autosexual individuals compared to others. Autosexual persons may still engage in romantic relationships with others; however, their primary sexual attraction Could be towards themselves. Such individuals might seek partners who understand and respect their autosexual orientation. Others may prefer to remain single, finding more fulfillment in their relationship with themselves.

Examining the Spectrum of Human Sexuality

The emergence of autosexuality as an acknowledged orientation makes it apparent that human sexuality is incredibly diverse and complex. Like other sexual orientations, autosexuality exists on a spectrum and presents differently in each person. Some may feel slight tendencies towards self-attraction while for others it’s an exclusive mode of sexuality.

The Psychological Perspective on Autosexuality

There remains limited formal research on autosexuality within psychological literature; however, sexologists and therapists have begun to explore it with increasing interest due in part to the first-person accounts shared through online platforms and broader discussions on sexuality. As found within these explorations, autosexuality like any other orientation does not emerge from pathology but rather from a variation in human sexuality.

The Significance of Acceptance and Inclusion

Curiosity and validation around all aspects of human sexuality have helped build more inclusive environments where lesser-known orientations such as autosexuality are accepted. Self-identification empowers individuals by giving them the language to understand their experiences and desires, fostering a society that embraces rather than stigmatizes less typically recognized identities.

Integrating into the Wider Sexual Discourse

As society’s discourse around sexualeVolutionorientation continues evolving, integrating perspectives like autosexuality into mainstream Sexual syllabus is essential for comprehensive sex ededucationIn this integration lies the opportunity for more support systemsand other frameworks to subsequently emerge, promoting empathy, understanding, and health education resources for those who identify with these experiences.


  • Autosexuality refers to sexual attraction towards oneself rather than exclusively towards others.
  • Sexual orientation exists on a spectrum with varied experiences and expressions amongst different individuals.
  • Autosexual behavior can include self-admiration activities during masturbation though it’s distinct from narcimost
  • The current psychological research on autosexuality is limited but growing due to the first-person narratives becoming more visible
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