UFC 300 start time - UFC 300: A Milestone Event and Its Start Time Explained - 13/Apr/2024

UFC 300 start time – UFC 300: A Milestone Event and Its Start Time Explained – 13/Apr/2024

UFC 300: A Milestone Event and Its Start Time Explained


When it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a premier organization that has captivated audiences worldwide. As the UFC approaches its 300th event, there is a wave of anticipation and excitement in the sports community regarding what is considered a landmark in UFC history. UFC 300 is more than just an ordinary fight card – it is a symbolic representation of the sports growth, its mainstream acceptance, and the potential for delivering one of the most memorable nights in MMA. Fans eagerly anticipate details like start times, fight lineups, and venue announcements for such an event.

Significance of UFC Milestone Events

Milestone events like UFC 100 and UFC 200 have set precedents by providing some of the most electrifying moments in MMA history. These card numbers are seen as a chance to stage a marquee event that pulls out all the stops. They often feature the sport’s biggest names and title fights that draw significant attention. Whether through knockout finishes or grappling masterclasses, milestone UFC events have often been platforms where legends are made or solidified.

UFC 300 Start Time—What We Know So Far

At this current moment, the official start time for UFC 300 has yet to be announced. This is not unusual, as the promotion often releases specific event details relatively close to the scheduled date. Nevertheless, one can make educated projections based on past events. UFC pay-per-view events generally follow a consistent format with preliminary bouts starting in the late afternoon or early evening and main card fights beginning at around 10 PM Eastern Time (ET). Given that standard structure, fans can expect similar timing for UFC 300.

Potential Start Time Conflicts and Considerations

When planning for an event such as UFC 300, several variables might influence the announced start time. First is the broadcast schedule which needs to complement other live sports events to avoid clash and maximize viewership. Next is the location or timezone where the event is being held, as it may cater to international audiences too. Additionally, historic UFC events sometimes have longer than usual programs due to a higher number of feature bouts or additional promotional content.

Global Broadcasting – International Fans Consideration

Given UFC’s global reach, international broadcasting times will usually cover a wide spectrum of local times to accommodate fans across different countries. If we look at historical data, the main card pay-per-view typically airs live in North America while possessing a mixture of live airings and replays suitable for fans in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Event coordinators must manage this international time puzzle so all fans can enjoy the live spectacle when possible.


  • Past milestone UFC events like UFC 100 and 200 featured significantly stacked fight cards as part of celebrating the organization’s progress.
  • Preliminary fights for major UFC events generally begin between 6 PM – 8 PM ET.
  • The main cards for UFC tentpole events have typically started at 10 PM ET historically.
  • Broadcast timings for international audiences often include live shows during local peak hours as well as replays.
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