This Morning - A Comprehensive Guide to the UK's Popular TV Show 'This Morning' - 18/Feb/2024

This Morning – A Comprehensive Guide to the UK’s Popular TV Show ‘This Morning’ – 18/Feb/2024

A Comprehensive Guide to the UK’s Popular TV Show ‘This Morning’

‘This Morning’ is a staple within British daytime television, combining a mix of news, topical items, showbiz, lifestyle, and health with the aim of starting viewers’ mornings with an informative yet entertaining spin. Since its launch back on October 3rd, 1988, the show has become an iconic part of British culture. This article will delve into its history, structure, achievements, and the impact it has had over the years.

History and Evolution of ‘This Morning’

‘This Morning’ began as an innovative program intending to mix news and entertainment in a way that was accessible to a daytime TV audience. Launched by Granada Television and aired on ITV with presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, its initial broadcast was transmitted from the Albert Dock in Liverpool. This gave the show a distinct identity and set it apart from other studio-bound programs of the time. The show was an immediate hit, and its mix of magazine-styled content along with charismatic hosts made it a mainstay for ITV.

Over the years, the show had various changes regarding cast and locations; it moved production to London in 1996. Despite these changes, ‘This Morning’ stayed true to its original mission of offering a broad range of segments while adapting to trends and viewer expectations.

Format and Schedule

Broadcasting from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., ‘This Morning’ offers viewers a diverse programming schedule. Each day is segmented with individual slots covering everything from current affairs and consumer issues to celebrity gossip and cooking demonstrations. The structure stimulates engagement through phone-ins, expert advice, and interactive segments such as competitions.

Presenters and On-screen Talent

Throughout its broadcast history, ‘This Morning’ has been known for its friendly and engaging presenters who are often seen as the namesake face at the forefront. After Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan stepped down as regular hosts in 2001, other presenters took over including Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Eamonn Holmes, and Ruth Langsford.

As hosts, presenting talents bring their own dynamics making each show unique; this mixture of personalities helps in retaining viewer loyalty and providing relatable figures that the audience can trust.

Major Segments and Features

‘This Morning’ is renowned for its eclectic content including but not limited to:

Current Affairs

: Covering topics ranging from politics to human-interest stories. Stories are presented in an engaging manner with interviews from poignant figures.


: Addressing medical issues, providing advice from experts in a way that is accessible to viewers.

Fashion & Beauty

: Featuring fashion segments aligning with seasonal trends and showcasing affordable high-street options alike.

Food & Cooking

: Often featuring live cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs or showing viewers easy-to-follow recipes.

Competitions & Prizes

: Regular segments where viewers can enter to win various prizes.

Celebrity Interviews

: Conversations with actors, musicians, authors, etc., about their current projects.

Real Life Stories

: Showcasing poignant real-world stories from people of all walks of life.

Achievements and Recognition

One testament to ‘This Morning’s enduring popularity is its winning streak at national awards. The program has been celebrated multiple times at the National Television Awards for Most Popular Daytime Programme.

Community Involvement and Impact

Besides being a source for entertainment and information, ‘This Morning’ acts as a platform for charity, raising awareness about important health issues (like their ongoing campaigns for breast cancer care), and housing debates on hot-button issues allowing public-discourse participation.

Future Prospects

‘This Morning’ continues to adapt with initiatives such as embracing digital media presence increasing interactive elements within the show—to suit cultural shifts and audience consumption patterns ensuring forward momentum for years to come.


  • ‘This Morning’ began broadcasting: October 3rd, 1988
  • Originally located at Albert Dock in Liverpool
  • Moved production to London Studios in 1996
  • Traditionally hosted by two presenters
  • Has won multi-year National Television Awards for Most Popular Daytime Programme
  • Image description: The image would be a behind-the-scenes look at ‘This Morning’ with modern mainstay hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby smiling towards the camera as they stand on set—a warmly lit modern studio space adorned with bright-color couches and an air of welcoming vibrancy encapsulating the essence of ‘This Morning’.