Scott Benton - The Political Career of Scott Benton: An Overview - 20/Feb/2024

Scott Benton – The Political Career of Scott Benton: An Overview – 20/Feb/2024

The Political Career of Scott Benton: An Overview

Scott Benton is a British Conservative politician who has represented Blackpool South as its Member of Parliament (MP) since the general election held on December 12, 2019. His rise to the seat, built on a platform focused on Brexit, local investment, and social issues, epitomizes the recent transition in certain UK constituencies that traditionally supported the Labour Party, but switched allegiance to the Conservatives in the last election. In this article, we delve into Benton’s policies, his impact on his constituency, and the broader significance of his political presence.

Early Life and Entry into Politics

Before embarking on his career as an MP, Benton had modest roots. Providing context to his later political stances, his early life shaped by regional values and the social landscape of the North West of England can be seen as a formative element.

Electoral Victory and Stance on Brexit

Benton’s entry into Parliament was part of a larger narrative during what has been termed as the ‘Red Wall’ seats falling to Conservatives – constituencies in the Midlands and Northern England that broke decades of Labour voting patterns to swing towards the Conservative Party in 2019. A notable factor underpinning Benton’s success lies within his fervent advocacy for Brexit, which resonated with the electorate in Blackpool South, an area that had voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

Priorities for Blackpool South

Once in office, Benton’s priorities have been reflective of his campaign promises. At the heart of these promises is a commitment to revitalizing Blackpool South’s local economy – particularly important considering the region faces numerous societal issues such as high levels of deprivation and unemployment. Benton has focused on securing investment for local projects from national funds earmarked for regional development, reflecting a significant part of his political agenda.

Parliamentary Contributions and Key Issues

Within the House of Commons, Benton has been active in representing the interests of his constituents. He has spoken on a range of issues crucial to both his constituency and national policy debates. It’s within such contributions that we gain insight into Benton’s ideological leanings – whilst noting our approach to remain neutral this gives us a glimpse into his conservatism manifesting in his parliamentary dialogue.


  • Benton was elected to represent Blackpool South in the 2019 General Election with a majority, succeeding Gerry Sutcliffe
  • Blackpool South had been held by Labour MPs for several decades prior to Benton’s victory
  • Scott Benton campaigned strongly on getting Brexit done and attracting funds for local development
  • Blackpool South backed leave with over two-thirds voting for Brexit in the EU referendum
  • Investment into local areas such as mental health services and law enforcement are among Benton’s policy focus areas
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