Rooster Teeth - *   - 07/Mar/2024

Rooster Teeth – * – 07/Mar/2024

### The Evolution and Impact of Rooster Teeth Productions

Introduction to Rooster Teeth: A Pioneering Force in Online Entertainment

Rooster Teeth Productions is an American production company based in Austin, Texas that has become synonymous with online entertainment. Known for its versatility across various forms of media, Rooster Teeth revolutionized how audiences engage with web series, particularly with its flagship animated series, “Red vs. Blue,” which has achieved cult status. This article delves into the history of Rooster Teeth, its successes and innovations, the charismatic team behind it, and the cultural imprint it has made in online media and beyond.

A Historical Perspective: Building an Online Empire

Rooster Teeth’s journey began in 2003 when Burnie Burns and his group of friends created “Red vs. Blue,” a comedic sci-fi series that utilized the video game “Halo” as its primary storytelling vehicle through the technique called machinima. The series quickly garnered an audience due to its relatable humor and unique storytelling paradigm, ultimately laying the foundation for what would grow to be an online media powerhouse.

In the subsequent years, Rooster Teeth diversified its content offering to include live-action shorts, podcasts, Let’s Play videos, and full-fledged animated series such as “RWBY” and “Gen:LOCK.” Alongside these programming endeavors, the company expanded into live events with its annual RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) convention that celebrates internet culture.

Content Expansion and Innovation

Rooster Teeth’s strategy capitalized on early-adoption of emerging online platforms. Pioneers of the subscription model with their FIRST membership, the company offered fans premium content while creating a sustainable revenue stream outside of traditional advertising models.

Series That Shaped the Brand

“Red vs. Blue” remains central to Rooster Teeth’s identity, but other series like “RWBY,” an anime-inspired series with an international fanbase, have demonstrated that Rooster Teeth can break barriers blending Eastern and Western animation styles. Additionally, their ventures in podcasting have stayed ahead of trends, cultivating a community around candid discussions of games, life, and technology.

The Company Culture and Team Dynamics

Led by charismatic individuals who doubled as content creators and corporate leaders, the Rooster Teeth team’s willingness to experiment and share their journey intimately connected them to their audience. They marshaled a community-driven approach to content creation, tapping into their fans’ expectations and merging it with creativity.

A Business Model Adapting to Change

One cannot discuss Rooster Teeth without noticing how they’ve been a business adaptable to times. They were front-runners in utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter for projects such as “Lazer Team”, allowing them to navigate periods of change within the volatile online media landscape while maintaining a strong base of community support.

Community Engagement: A Fandom Like No Other

Rooster Teeth’s relationship with its audience is atypical; they’ve nurtured a community that rivals those of mainstream television networks. Their annual RTX convention is testament to this, anticipated by fans worldwide as a gathering point for the Rooster Teeth family – creators and consumers alike.

Philanthropic Endeavours and Social Influence

Beyond entertainment, Rooster Teeth also engages in philanthropic activities. Through events like “Extra Life”, they’ve raised millions for children’s hospitals, reflecting their commitment to utilizing their platform for societal good.

Impact on Internet Culture and New Media

Rooster Teeth blazed a trail for independent content creators showing that online platforms are viable avenues for successful entertainment careers. They have contributed significantly to shaping internet culture while laying groundwork for best practices in online production and distribution.

Challenges: Controversies and Industry Competition

Despite immense successes, Rooster Teeth has not been free from controversy or competition. Issues ranging from community concerns over changes in direction, staffing disputes, and increased competition in the digital space challenge Rooster Teeth’s growth trajectory and place additional pressure on maintaining relevance in the ever-changing online arena.

The Future: What Lies Ahead for Rooster Teeth

Looking toward the future, the next steps for Rooster Teeth likely involve continuous adaptation as technologies evolve. Expanding into streaming services’ original content realms while preserving their distinctive brand voice might be essential as part of their growth strategy in a crowding digital market.


  • In April 2003, “Red vs. Blue” debuted on and would become one of the longest-running web series
  • “RWBY” was first released in July 2013 and went on to be distributed to audiences in Japan, a notable achievement for Western animation
  • “Lazer Team”, crowdfunded on Indiegogo in 2014 raised over $2.4 million from supporters around the globe
  • RTX Convention first began in 2011 in Austin and has branched out into several locations internationally
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