Richarlison - Introduction to Richarlison - 28/Mar/2024

Richarlison – Introduction to Richarlison – 28/Mar/2024

The Ascent of Richarlison: From Brazilian Breakout to Global Football Sensation

Introduction to Richarlison

Richarlison de Andrade, commonly known as Richarlison, is a professional footballer whose rise from Brazil’s modest football settings to the high-profile grounds of European leagues has been nothing short of meteoric. His journey is characterized by tenacity, skill, and a keen eye for goals. Born on May 10, 1997, in Nova Venécia, Brazil, he plays primarily as a forward but is versatile enough to operate on either wing. This article charts the evolution of Richarlison from his early days in Brazil to becoming a noted name in global football, showcasing his background, career progression, and international exploits with the Brazilian national team.

Early Career and Brazilian Roots

Richarlison’s love for football started on the streets and dusty pitches of his hometown. He began his professional career with América Mineiro in 2015, helping them to promotion from Serie B – the second division in Brazilian Football. His performances caught the eye of major clubs in Brazil and in 2016, he signed for Fluminense, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most prestigious teams. At Fluminense, his talents blossomed as he showcased his impressive dribbling skills, pace, work rate, and hunger for goals.

Breakthrough in European Football

Richarlison’s performances in Brazil didn’t go unnoticed by European scouts. In 2017, he made a significant move to English football, joining Watford FC in the Premier League. The bold move was a testament to his ambition and represented a considerable step up in competition. Settling quickly into one of the world’s toughest leagues, Richarlison impressed with his resilience, adaptability, and flair for the dramatic.

Establishment at Everton

After a single season at Watford where he made waves despite the team’s modest league position, Everton FC snapped him up. Under the guidance of then-manager Marco Silva, who had previously coached him at Watford, Richarlison further honed his skills. During his time with Everton, he became renowned for his acrobatic celebrations and pivotal goals that endeared him to fans and elevated him into the fold of remarkable Premier League forwards.

Sealing a Spot in the National Team

An international career with Brazil seemed inevitable given Richarlison’s rapidly rising profile. He made his debut for Brazil’s national team in 2018 and since then has been part of the Selecao squad in multiple tournaments including Copa America and Olympic Games. His ability to translate club performances on the international stage was impressive; potent in attack, he effectively integrated within a team of superstars.

Renowned for Versatility and Work Ethic

One crucial aspect that sets Richarlison apart is his versatility. Capable of playing anywhere across the front three positions—and even as a central striker—his managers have admired his adaptability. This is coupled with a commendable work ethic and intensity that continues to win over fans and critics alike.

Richarlison’s Playing Style

With brisk pace, physical prowess, an innate sense to be at the right place at the right time, Richarlison has fashioned himself as a forward who is just as comfortable holding up play as he is attacking in behind defenses. He excels at aerial challenges thanks to his leaping ability and timing. Also noteworthy is his commitment on defense; tracking back persistently and engaging vigorously in duels.

Impact on and off the Pitch

Richarlison’s impact transcends the boundaries of football fields; he is equally vocal about social issues in Brazil and shows unwavering support for causes such as poverty alleviation. This off-pitch persona has built him into not just an athlete but also a role model heartily embraced both in his home country and abroad.


  • Richarlison began his footballing journey with América Mineiro back in 2015
  • Made his move into European football with Watford FC in August 2017
  • Earned a transfer to Everton FC where he enhanced his reputation under Marco Silva at the time
  • Debuted for the Brazilian national team in September 2018
  • Known for his versatility on the pitch being capable of playing various roles in attack
  • Prominently involved with social causes especially back in Brazil
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    The image would display Richarlison mid-action on the football field; decked out either in Everton or Brazil national team colors depending on tenure focus. He could be seen engaging in an aerial duel or preparing to strike towards goal with full concentration—capturing both athleticism and focus that epitomizes his approach on the pitch.