Rebecca Grossman - Rebecca Grossman: From Magazine Co-Founder to Legal Troubles - 24/Feb/2024

Rebecca Grossman – Rebecca Grossman: From Magazine Co-Founder to Legal Troubles – 24/Feb/2024

Rebecca Grossman: From Magazine Co-Founder to Legal Troubles

Rebecca Grossman captured public attention when she co-founded the Grossman Burn Foundation with her husband, Dr. Peter Grossman, expanding her spotlight from medical philanthropy to legal scrutiny after being involved in a tragic car incident that led to serious charges against her. This article aims to provide a comprehensive look into her journey, the work of the Grossman Burn Foundation, and the incident that has since overshadowed prior achievements.

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in an undisclosed location in the United States, Rebecca Grossman’s early life is sparsely detailed in the public domain. She came into prominence through her marriage to Dr. Peter H. Grossman, a respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the son of Dr. Richard Grossman, founder of the world-renowned Grossman Burn Centers.

With a shared commitment to healthcare and philanthropy, Rebecca Grossman utilized her background to establish a noted presence in related charitable work.

Philanthropic Contributions through the Grossman Burn Foundation

In 2007, leveraging their connections and passion for healthcare excellence, Rebecca and Peter Grossman co-founded the Grossman Burn Foundation. The foundation’s mission has been to provide comprehensive support for burn survivors, including reconstructive surgery, treatment advancements, and psychosocial support programs.

As Chairwoman of the foundation, Rebecca was instrumental in several initiatives designed to educate the public about burns and fire prevention and to fundraise for medical assistance for underprivileged burn victims around the globe. Its efforts have been far-reaching, offering resources from Los Angeles to Sub-Saharan Africa. Under her purview, it has also championed “Project Faith,” an assistance program for children facing discrimination or violence due to burn scarring.

Ledgers Magazine: Blending Lifestyle with Philanthropy

Outside medical philanthropy, Rebecca tapped into her interest in editorial leadership by co-founding Ledgers Magazine, which set out to intricately weave lifestyle content with economic discourse from heavy hitters in various industries. As editor-in-chief, Rebecca aimed at engaging readers with innovative and diversified profiles of individuals who impact economic policy-making and consumer markets.

The Tragic Turn: Rebecca Grossman’s Legal Troubles

The course of Rebecca Grossman’s public persona experienced a dramatic shift on September 29, 2020. A tragic car accident occurred in Westlake Village, California, during which two young boys were fatally injured while crossing the street. Law enforcement officials later placed Grossman as the driver responsible for this fatal accident.

The event led to an outpouring of local grief and widespread media coverage. Grossman was arrested and charged with several counts corresponding to manslaughter and DUI offenses. While details are managed within the judicial system’s confines, much social debate has spun out from this event regarding road safety legislation and high-profile accountability under law.

Aftermath and Societal Impact

Following news of charges against Rebecca Grossman for gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and allegations of her role in leaving the scene of an accident where death occurred, society grappled with complex reactions. Here was a tandem narrative—a historically generous figure facing grave criminal accusations juxtaposed against grieving families clutching at closure for unthinkable loss.

The situation ignited discussions about DUI laws’ effectiveness, pedestrian safety measures’ enhancement needs, mitigation of road trauma’s disruptive impacts on communities, as well as broader subjects on how justice intersects with status and privilege dynamics.


  • Rebecca Grossman co-founded the Grossman Burn Foundation with her husband in 2007—aimed at supporting burn victims globally
  • Married to Dr. Peter H. Grossman of the prominent Grossman Burn Centers lineage
  • Also supported initiatives against societal discrimination towards burn victims
  • Created Ledgers Magazine as a vehicle for sophisticated lifestyle narration fused with influential economic policies
  • Became embroiled in legal issues following a tragic car accident in September 2020 involving fatalities
  • Charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and related offenses
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