Reading fc - Introduction to Reading Football Club - 13/Jan/2024

Reading fc – Introduction to Reading Football Club – 13/Jan/2024

Introduction to Reading Football Club

Reading Football Club, an England based professional football team, is a long-standing pillar in the world of British football. The team has a rich history, influenced by various players and managers over the decades. This article aims to explore the team’s history, notable personalities, achievements, challenges, and contribution to football, embracing a balanced, neutral perspective.

History and Formation

Reading Football Club, also known as the Royals, was established in 1871, making it one of the oldest football teams in England. The formation of the team marks an important chapter in English football’s evolution, with Reading FC starting as a small community team playing locally before its considerable growth led the club becoming professional in 1895. The team’s home ground since 1896 has been Elm Park, which served as their base until 1998. Since then, Madejski Stadium has been their home ground.

Notable Eras

The Post-War Years

Post World War II was a period of both challenges and triumphs for Reading FC. The club struggled financially due to the impacts of the war, but arguably, these struggles were catalysts for some of the great successes that would follow later on.

The Ian Branfoot era

During the 1980s, under the management of Ian Branfoot, Reading FC enjoyed considerable success. This was most notably marked by their promotion to Division Three in 1983 and then to Division Two just two years later in 1985.

Madejski Era

The late 1990s and into the early 2000s was another significant era for Reading FC, with the club’s move to the Madejski Stadium and the team’s performance showing steady improvement under John Madejski’s ownership.

Major Achievements

Over its long history, Reading FC has experienced a number of significant achievements. In the 2005-2006 season, they achieved a record-breaking 106 points in the Championship, the highest-ever points tally in English professional football. They have also regularly been a significant presence in the English Premier League, the top tier of English football.

Challenges and Controversies

Just like any other football club, Reading FC has experienced a number of challenges and controversies over its long history. Throughout the years, financial troubles have been a recurrent challenge, as has maintaining their Premier League status amongst fierce competition from the country’s top teams.

Noteable Personas

Noteworthy individuals have come and gone throughout Reading FC’s history, leaving their marks in various ways. Some key figures that stand out include Steve Coppell’s managerial reign & the prolific scoring by players such as Trevor Senior, Robin Friday, and Shane Long. Each of these individuals has made lasting contributions to the team and helped shape its course for the future.


  • Reading FC was founded in 1871 and turned professional in 1895
  • The Royals’ home ground since 1998 is Madejski Stadium
  • Reading FC achieved a record-breaking 106 points in the Championship season (2005-2006), achieving the highest-ever points tally in English professional football
  • Key figures in the club’s history included Steve Coppell, Trevor Senior, Robin Friday, and Shane Long
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