Rangers - The Founding Era and Early Achievements - 16/Jan/2024

Rangers – The Founding Era and Early Achievements – 16/Jan/2024

### The History and Evolution of Rangers Football Club

Rangers Football Club, known as Rangers, is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in the world. Established in 1872, the club has a rich history that spans over a century, filled with triumphs, challenges, and resilience. The story of Rangers is not just of a football club, but a narrative deeply woven into the cultural and social fabric of Glasgow and Scottish football.

The Founding Era and Early Achievements

In 1872, Rangers began its journey when four young men — Moses McNeil, Peter McNeil, William McBeath, and Peter Campbell — formed the team. They played their first-ever match against Callander Football Club on Glasgow Green and rapidly grew in prominence locally.

In the years that followed the formation of the club, Rangers developed a competitive edge, eventually winning their first league title in the 1890-1891 season. This marked the beginning of their legacy in Scottish football.

Facing the Twentieth Century: Expanding Prestige and Rivalries

Entering into the 20th century, Rangers continued to build on their early success. Over time, they forged an intense rivalry with another Glasgow team, Celtic FC. This rivalry came to be known as the Old Firm derby, famous for its passionate displays on and off the pitch.

Throughout this era and into the mid-twentieth century, Rangers accrued numerous domestic league titles and cups, embedding themselves in the heart of their supporters and becoming a dominant force in Scottish football.

Tragedy and Triumph: The Ibrox Disasters

Rangers’ history is also marked by tragedy, with two significant disasters at their home ground, Ibrox Stadium. In 1902 and 1971, separate incidents caused the deaths of fans attending matches due to stadium collapse and crushing. These events had a profound impact on stadium safety for future generations.

Following the second disaster, modernization processes improved safety significantly at Ibrox Stadium. In parallel, Rangers maintained their sporting pursuits, leading to energetic revivals after each tragedy that saw them claim championships and cups.

The 9-in-a-Row Achievement and European Ambitions

Under manager Walter Smith during the late 1980s and through much of the 1990s, Rangers achieved a historic run of nine consecutive league titles, equaling a record set by Celtic. Additionally, they sought honours in European competitions with varying degrees of success.

In this period, Rangers saw some of European football’s notable talents ply their trade at Ibrox. Markets were tapped deeper, leading to significant signings that would make an impression both domestically and internationally.

Financial Turmoil and Rebirth: The administrations to Championship Return

Despite its earlier success, Rangers faced severe financial challenges culminating in administration in 2012 due to spiraling debts. The club was subsequently relegated to the fourth tier of Scottish football but vowed to climb back into the Premiership — a formidable challenge which they met head-on.

Overcoming this defining moment required rebuilding from scratch; new management structures were put into place while ensuring that loyal fans’ spirit and steadfast support remained intact. Their journey back to top-flight football included consecutive promotions and was seen as an inspiring tale of recovery.

Modern Era: Adapting to New Challenges

Today’s Rangers have adapted to an ever-changing football landscape. With strong management led by Steven Gerrard until recently replaced by Giovanni van Bronckhorst as head coach, a refreshed sense of ambition has been instilled within the club. They compete vigorously for titles while also re-establishing themselves as serious contenders in European football.


  • Rangers Football Club was founded in 1872 by four men named Moses McNeil, Peter McNeil, William McBeath, and Peter Campbell.
  • The club won its first league title in the season of 1890-1891.
  • Ibrox disasters took place in 1902 and 1971 resulting in significant loss of life.
  • Walter Smith’s era in charge saw nine consecutive league titles between 1988-1997.
  • Financial issues forced Rangers into administration in 2012; they were relegated but returned to top-flight football by winning the Premiership Championship in 2016.
  • _Image description: An aerial view of a packed Ibrox Stadium on match day with fans dressed mostly in blue amassing around the field where two teams are lined up before kick-off of an Old Firm Derby between Rangers FC and Celtic FC._