Ralf Little - The Accomplished Career of Ralf Little: Actor, Writer, and Footballer - 25/Mar/2024

Ralf Little – The Accomplished Career of Ralf Little: Actor, Writer, and Footballer – 25/Mar/2024

The Accomplished Career of Ralf Little: Actor, Writer, and Footballer

Ralf Little is a versatile figure in the world of entertainment and sports. Known primarily for his acting career, Little has made a name for himself both on the small screen and the stage. His quick wit, charming presence, and everyman appeal have allowed him to connect with audiences across the UK and beyond. This article seeks to explore the multifaceted career of Ralf Little, touching not only upon his work as an actor and writer but also his passion for football.

Early Life and Emergence on Television

Born on February 8, 1980, in Bury, Greater Manchester, Ralf Alastair John Little showed an early interest in acting. From his time at Bolton School Boys’ Division, he demonstrated potential in performing arts which cemented the foundation for his later endeavors in the field.

Breakthrough with “The Royle Family”

His breakthrough role came when he was cast as Antony Royle in the BBC comedy “The Royle Family,” which first aired in 1998. His portrayal of the put-upon teenager who often bore the brunt of his family’s demands became a cornerstone of his career. Audiences sympathized with Little’s character and rooted for him, which truly showcased Little’s ability to bring authenticity and humor to his roles.

Subsequent Television Successes

After “The Royle Family,” Little appeared in a variety of television roles that further established his range as an actor. He took notable parts in popular shows like “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps” where he played Jonny Keogh, a character that became equally beloved by audiences. In more recent years, he has starred in the lead role as DI Neville Parker in the BBC drama “Death in Paradise,” displaying his adeptness at handling both comedic and serious material.

Venturing onto the Stage and Screenwriting

While celebrated for his television roles, Little has not confined himself to the small screen. He has also made notable appearances on stage, showcasing his talents in live performances that require instantaneous audience connection. Alongside acting, Little has engaged himself in writing which can be considered a natural progression from his extensive experience in television. He has written for several shows indicating a depth to his creative abilities beyond acting.

Passion for Football: Semi-Professional play and Beyond

Ralf Little’s talents are not limited to the performing arts; he’s also an enthusiastic football player. Over the years, he’s played for semi-professional football teams such as Maidstone United and Edgware Town while still maintaining his entertainment career. His love for the game is evident not just in his play but also through his support of Manchester United Football Club and engaging with football communities.

Non-profit Work and Social Engagement

Off-screen, Little is also noted for his charitable work and social engagement. He’s involved with several non-profit organizations focused on various causes, showing facets of an individual committed to bettering society alongside having a successful career.

Representation in Media: An Actor Who Breaks Boundaries

Ralf Little is often recognized for playing relatable characters who break societal boundaries on screen. His portrayals often question cultural norms and traditions through humor and genuine emotion—indicating an actor deeply conscious of the societal impacts of media representation.


  • Born February 8, 1980, in Bury, Greater Manchester
  • Notable early role as Antony Royle in “The Royle Family” from 1998
  • Known for role as Jonny Keogh in “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps”
  • Starred in lead role as DI Neville Parker in “Death in Paradise”
  • Has engaged in writing for television alongside acting
  • Played semi-professional football for Maidstone United and Edgware Town
  • Supports Manchester United Football Club
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