Piers Morgan - Piers Morgan: Media Career, Controversies, and Public Perception - 09/Feb/2024

Piers Morgan – Piers Morgan: Media Career, Controversies, and Public Perception – 09/Feb/2024

Piers Morgan: Media Career, Controversies, and Public Perception

Piers Morgan is a figure who has become synonymous with both British journalism and television controversy. Over the years, he has been involved in several high-profile events that have been met with both critical acclaim and public outcry. In this extensive piece, we will explore the various facets of Piers Morgan’s career, the controversies that have surrounded him, and how the public perceives him.

Early Life and Career Foundations

Piers Morgan began his career in Fleet Street as a writer and eventually became an editor for several tabloid papers. Born Piers Stefan O’Meara on March 30, 1965, Morgan started working in journalism after studying at Harlow College. His first significant role was at The Sun, where he wrote the newspaper’s “Bizarre” column, covering the entertainment industry and becoming well-acquainted with celebrities, a dynamic that would become one of the hallmarks of his career.

Rise to Editorship

After his stint at The Sun, Morgan was appointed editor of News of the World in 1994, which made him, at 28, the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in more than half a century. His tenure here was notable but brief – Morgan transferred to the Daily Mirror in 1995.

Impact at The Daily Mirror

Controversies Collide with Journalism

Morgan’s time at the Daily Mirror was marked by a blend of traditional journalism with a celebrity-focused approach. However, his term as editor also brought with it numerous controversies, of which perhaps the most damning was the publication of photos depicting British soldiers allegedly abusing Iraqi prisoners. These photos later proved to be fakes, which led to significant backlash against Morgan and the title.

From Print Media to Television

Morgan’s career took another direction post his stint at the Daily Mirror with shifts into television and reality TV. Additionally, he further embedded himself into the entertainment world through appearances on various shows.

Piers Morgan on Television

America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent Careers

Transitioning from newspapers to television seamlessly, Morgan became familiar to many as a judge on both “America’s Got Talent” from its launch in 2006 and “Britain’s Got Talent” from 2007. His presence on these shows brought out his characteristically blunt and often controversial opinions that galvanized audiences.

Striking Controversy on CNN

In 2011, Morgan endeavored into more serious fare by succeeding Larry King at CNN with “Piers Morgan Live.” Although the hope was to bring his confrontational interviewing style to the prime-time talk format, the show struggled to sustain viewership and was ultimately canceled due to low ratings in 2014.

Back to UK Television: Good Morning Britain

Morgan returned to UK screens as a permanent co-host on “Good Morning Britain” (GMB). During this period, he made headlines for his abrasive style of interviewing, particularly when tackling politicians or issues such as climate change.

His tenure at GMB culminated in one of the high-profile moments in British media when Morgan made controversial remarks about Meghan Markle following her interview with Oprah Winfrey, leading him to leave the program in March 2021 after co-hosting since 2015. His departure followed intense social media backlash along with over 41,000 complaints to Ofcom – including one from Markle herself.

Recent Endeavors and Still Making Headlines

In recent years, Piers Morgan has continued to stay in the spotlight through writing for publications such as MailOnline and authoring books where he shares opinions without mincing words – true to form. He has also taken up new challenges and returned to television with renewed steam.

Morgan’s Views and Public Engagements

Throughout his career, Piers Morgan has shared his views on subjects ranging from politics to sport. Never one to shy away from controversy or debate, he has used social media platforms like Twitter to spark conversation and often contention.


  • Piers Morgan was born in March 1965.
  • He became editor of News of the World in 1994 at age 28.
  • Led The Daily Mirror from 1995 until his departure over photo scandal.
  • Wrote columns for MailOnline post-television career shifts.
  • Left “Good Morning Britain” following comments regarding Meghan Markle after her interview with Oprah tipped over 41,000 complaints.
  • Image description: Piers Morgan standing confidently with arms crossed, wearing a sharp suit as behind him there’s a faint outline of TV studio lights – underlining his presence and durability in both print journalism and television over the decades.