Pat Maroon - The Career and Impact of Pat Maroon: A Deep Dive into the NHL Forward's Journey - 09/Mar/2024

Pat Maroon – The Career and Impact of Pat Maroon: A Deep Dive into the NHL Forward’s Journey – 09/Mar/2024

The Career and Impact of Pat Maroon: A Deep Dive into the NHL Forward’s Journey

Professional ice hockey forward Patrick Maroon has crafted a unique career in the National Hockey League (NHL), with a narrative that combines talent, perseverance, and teamwork. His journey from a prospect to becoming a three-time consecutive Stanley Cup champion encapsulates a sportsman’s dedication to his craft. This comprehensive analysis delves into Maroon’s beginnings, career highlights, contributions to his teams, and legacy in the realm of professional hockey.

Early Life and Entry into Professional Hockey

Patrick Maroon was born on April 23, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri. His love for the game of hockey began at a young age, fostered by the vibrant local hockey community and his family’s support. Maroon steadily showcased his skills in youth and minor leagues before making the leap to professional hockey.

After being drafted in the sixth round, 161st overall by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, Maroon’s professional journey began with stints in the American Hockey League (AHL). His tenure in the Flyers’ organization would teach him early professional lessons before engaging with other franchises on his path forward.

Rise to Prominence

Pat Maroon’s journey to prominence was not immediate. His size and style of play made him an attractive prospect, but it took time for him to find his niche in the league. Maroon eventually found success with the Anaheim Ducks after being traded from the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

With the Ducks, Maroon became known for his physicality and ability to contribute offensively, particularly during the playoffs. In Anaheim, he established himself as a dependable power forward capable of protecting his teammates and turning pivotal moments in games.

Time with Edmont Oilers and New Jersey Devils

In 2016, Maroon was traded to the Edmonton Oilers, where he would go on to set a career high for goals in a season, showing he had not only physical presence but offensive acumen as well. Even though his time with Edmonton was productive, hockey’s business nature saw him traded once more, this time to the New Jersey Devils. His offensive contributions were notable but relatively brief as he continued to carve out his journeyman player status.

Triumph with the St. Louis Blues and Tampa Bay Lightning

Maroon’s true rise to prominence began when he signed with his hometown team, the St. Louis Blues, as a free agent in 2018. During his tenure with the Blues, Maroon played a pivotal role in their run to the Stanley Cup in 2019. It was here where he etched his name in NHL folklore—scoring a dramatic double-overtime game winner in Game 7 of the Western Conference semi-finals. The Blues’ eventual triumph was not only monumental for the franchise but also deeply personal for Maroon.

Following success with his hometown team, Pat Maroon sought new challenges and signed with Tampa Bay Lightning where he became part of an exclusive group of players to win back-to-back Stanley Cups with different teams—a feat magnified when Tampa Bay won again, granting Maroon three consecutive championships.

Playing Style and Physicality

Nicknamed ‘The Big Rig,’ Pat Maroon is known for leveraging his 6 feet 3 inches, 225-pound frame to control the pace of play and protect the puck. His playing style harkens back to traditional power forwards, combining strength with an underrated touch of skill around the net.

With an ability to agitate opponents while providing clutch scoring and playmaking when needed most, Maroon continues to be an indispensable asset with a propensity for shining in moments of high-stakes intensity commonly seen during playoff hockey.

Legacy and Current Role


Throughout his career, Maroon has become paradigmatic of what it means to be a team player. With his hard-nosed gameplay and clutch postseason performances, he has left an indelible mark on any team he has played for.

Today, as he continues his professional journey with Tampa Bay Lightning or any active NHL roster spot he holds at this current moment (which may need verification due to trades or free agency), he stands as a testimonial to younger players that success isn’t linear nor solely predicated on draft status but on perseverance and seizing opportunities.


  • Patrick Maroon has won three consecutive Stanley Cup championships (2019 with St. Louis Blues and 2020, 2021 with Tampa Bay Lightning).
  • Chosen 161st overall by Philadelphia Flyers in the 2007 NHL Draft
  • Best offensive season was with Edmonton Oilers registering 27 goals (2016-17)
  • Known for ‘The Big Rig’ nickname due to his physical stature
  • Famous double-overtime goal against Dallas Stars during the 2019 playoffs
  • Traded multiple times yet managed to establish himself on each team either by physical presence or clutch playoff performance
  • Concluding Insights

    Patrick Maroon’s odyssey through the ranks of professional hockey exemplifies an athlete’s adventurous spirit encountering every hurdle and opportunity in stride. More than just statistics or trophies won, Pat “The Big Rig” Maroon’s story teaches lessons about resilience, teamwork, adaptability in one’s environment, and becoming integral parts of collective sporting achievements.

    *Image description: An action shot from an NHL game where Pat Maroon, identified by his large frame and number on his jersey as he competes for possession of the puck against opposing players*