NFL playoff schedule - Understanding NFL Playoff Schedule - 13/Jan/2024

NFL playoff schedule – Understanding NFL Playoff Schedule – 13/Jan/2024

Understanding NFL Playoff Schedule

The National Football League (NFL) represents the pinnacle of professional American football, and it invariably culminates in a highly anticipated playoff series every season. The NFL is divided into two abridged sections, the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference comprises 16 teams, which are further divided into four divisions of four teams each.

The NFL playoff schedule is a yearly post-season tournament that follows the 17-week regular season, traditionally manifesting between January and February. Six teams from each conference, twelve in total, participate in the playoffs. Understanding the progression of the NFL playoff schedule, the determining factors, format, and its significance in the grander scheme of the NFL season provides a deeper appreciation for this competitive American sport.

Determining Factors for Playoff Qualification

Out of the 32 NFL teams, only 12 advance to the playoff season. Division ranking plays a pivotal role in determining the playoff contenders, with the top team from each division, based on their win-loss records, advancing to the playoffs. Additionally, two “wildcard” teams from each conference – the teams with the next best overall record from each conference irrespective of their division – also make the cut.

The tie-breaker system is used to resolve disputes where teams have identical records. The tie-breaker’s process adopts factors like head-to-head win percentage, win percentage in games played within the conference, and strength of schedule to make the final determination.

Structure and Format of the NFL Playoff Schedule

The playoff schedule follows a single-elimination tournament format, where the winning team progresses to the next round while the losing team gets ousted. The playoffs encompass three rounds before the final championship game (Super Bowl).

– The Wild Card Round: It starts with the Wild Card Round, where the division winners ranked 3rd to 4th and the two wildcard teams from each conference compete.
– The Divisional Round: The top two division winners from each conference, who enjoyed a first-round bye during the Wild Card Round, join the playoffs in the Divisional Round.
The Championship Round: The final round before the Super Bowl, often called the ‘conference championships’, comprise of the top performing teams from each conference vying for the ultimate victory.

Significance of the NFL Playoff Schedule

The NFL playoff schedule brakes down the unwieldy 32-team league into a digestible, tournament-sized competition. This process delivers the thrill of elimination rounds, reflecting a team’s competence and cohesiveness. The high stakes elevate the intensity of matches, invoking peak player performances and standout plays that etch themselves into sports history.


  • Despite the reconfiguration to a 17-game regular season, the playoff structure remains unaltered, continuing with a 12-team format
  • The NFL implemented the current 12-team format in 1990, which was marginally increased from ten teams that existed since 1978
  • The team with the highest seed always hosts the playoff game
  • Since 2010, there has been a proposition to expand the playoffs to 14 teams but it has yet to be approved by the NFL owners
  • The Super Bowl is always held on the first Sunday in February
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