Newport County - The History and Current Standing of Newport County Association Football Club - 17/Jan/2024

Newport County – The History and Current Standing of Newport County Association Football Club – 17/Jan/2024

The History and Current Standing of Newport County Association Football Club

Newport County Association Football Club, known as ‘The Exiles’, is a professional football club in Newport, South Wales. They compete in the English football league system and, as of [Knowledge Cutoff], participate in League Two, the fourth tier of English football. The club has experienced various successes, challenges, including dipping in and out of the Football League, financial struggles, and periods of reformation and revival.

Early Beginnings and Growth into Professional Football

Newport County was founded in 1912 and joined the English Football League in 1920. The early years saw them playing in the lower divisions of the English league system, with moderate success. The most noteworthy achievement of these early days was reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup during the 1948-1949 season, affirming their potential but still keeping them off the top-tier radar.

Golden Era to Financial Struggles

The segment often referred to as the golden era for Newport County came in the 1980s when they secured promotion to the Third Division and achieved victory in the Welsh Cup. Their Welsh Cup win allowed them European competition exposure via the European Cup Winners’ Cup. However, despite the on-pitch successes, financial difficulties plagued the club leading to a downward spiral that would have lasting effects.

Decline and Fall from the Football League

These financial struggles culminated in bankruptcy and expulsion from the Football League in 1989, a disaster for any professional club. The resulting implications were dramatic as they completely dissolved the existing club infrastructure dismantling its professional status and league participation.

Rebirth and Climbing Back

Undeterred, supporters and dedicated individuals behind the club established a new entity, Newport AFC, which was later nicknamed Newport County once more. The reborn club started from the very bottom of the English football pyramid, competing in various leagues such as the Hellenic League and Southern League before making their way up.

Return to the English Football League

The history of grueling perseverance paid off when Newport County AFC secured their place back into the professional tiers by winning a promotion in the 2012-2013 season under then-manager Justin Edinburgh. This climb back into League Two was a testament to the undying spirit of The Exiles.

Recent Endeavors and Community Impact

In recent years, Newport County has managed to secure themselves as a competitive side within League Two and even flirted with promotion opportunities. Crucially, Newport’s community engagement programs have grown significantly, helping reinforce ties with local fans and stakeholders and building a sustainable future for the club.

Sporting Philosophy and Club Identity

In terms of sporting philosophy, Newport County emphasizes nurturing local talents through their academy system while also making shrewd acquisitions to stay competitive. They have adapted well to modern football’s demands while not losing sight of their grassroots ethos.

Future Prospects and Visions

The club’s future looks brighter than it once did. There are aspirations to perhaps one day advance up to higher divisions within The Football League, adhering to aspects relating to controlled finances and sustainable practices that nearly led them to ruin in past decades.


  • Founded in 1912 as a football club
  • Joined the English Football League in 1920
  • Fell from the Football League in 1989 due to bankruptcy
  • Re-established as Newport AFC before regaining original nickname
  • Won a promotion back into League Two in 2013
  • Major achievements: Winning Welsh Cup and reaching FA Cup quarter-finals
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    An aerial view of Rodney Parade stadium, home ground of Newport County A.F.C., crowded with fans creating an orange-black sea – colors from Newport County’s team jerseys – on match day, with lush green playing field visible amidst the fan-filled stands.