Masters Par 3 Contest - The Tradition and Excitement of the Masters Par 3 Contest - 11/Apr/2024

Masters Par 3 Contest – The Tradition and Excitement of the Masters Par 3 Contest – 11/Apr/2024

The Tradition and Excitement of the Masters Par 3 Contest

Among the annual traditions of golf, the Masters Par 3 Contest at Augusta National Golf Club stands out as a unique combination of camaraderie, tradition, and joy. Taking place every Wednesday before the Masters Tournament, the contest transforms part of the hallowed grounds into a stage for relaxed competition, family inclusion, and the rare chance to see golf’s greats and up-and-comers compete side-by-side in an event brimming with smiles and sportsmanship.

History of the Par 3 Contest

Since its inception in 1960, the par-3 contest has become a beloved ritual. It was first conceived by Augusta National co-founder Clifford Roberts and initially proposed to fill time on the Wednesday of Masters week. The course itself is a nine-hole track defined by shorter holes that embody the skill of precision tendencies over power drives, reflective of the original course’s intention for distance shots, but suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Course Characteristics and Layout

What stands out with the Masters Par 3 Course is its picturesque set-up framed by DeSoto Springs Pond and Ike’s Pond. It measures more than 1,060 yards in length with no hole greater than 130 yards. The course is designed such that no mental relaxation is permissible; each shot requires strategy and accuracy with water hazards and bunkers adding to the challenging albeit less-stressful round relative to the main tournament pressure.

A Family-Focused Event

One hallmark feature of the Par 3 Contest is its inclusivity. Golfer’s loved ones often replace caddies acting as tranquil sounding boards or cheerful motivators’ golfers—a visible example of how this event breaks from the rigidity of professional tournaments. It’s not unusual to witness toddlers in miniature caddie jumpsuits and players’ relatives swinging with varying capacities at balls, infusing lightheartedness into this endearing prologue to one of golf’s most prestigious events.

Memorable Moments and Records

Over its lifespan, the Par 3 Contest has birthed its share of memorable moments. Who could forget legends like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus imparting ageless excellence with their swings? Or Nicklaus’ grandson, GT, making headlines with a hole-in-one showing generational bridging within the sport. No winner of the Par 3 has gone on to win The Masters in the same year—a phenomenon often referred to as “The Par 3 Curse” that reflects how coincidences can blossom into near-superstitious beliefs within sports folklore.

Impact on the Week’s Events

The levity provided by Wednesday’s Par 3 Contest generates a peculiarly jovial atmosphere that contrasts with but effectively upzones the subsequent earnestness of The Masters Tournament. By setting an affable tone early on, participants might very well benefit from this mental intermission before embarking on an arguably most exhausting four days in professional golf.


  • The first Masters Par 3 Contest winner was Sam Snead in 1960.
  • There have been no repeat winners over consecutive years in Masters Par 3 history.
  • Since its inception, there have been more than 100 recorded holes-in-one during the event.
  • The event is also famous for allowing players’ families to participate; many golfers select a child or spouse to caddie for them.
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