Mark Labbett - The Career and Achievements of Mark Labbett: An Insight into "The Beast" from 'The Chase' - 20/Feb/2024

Mark Labbett – The Career and Achievements of Mark Labbett: An Insight into “The Beast” from ‘The Chase’ – 20/Feb/2024

The Career and Achievements of Mark Labbett: An Insight into “The Beast” from ‘The Chase’

Mark Andrew Labbett, known as “The Beast,” has made a significant impact in the world of quizzing with his towering presence on the popular TV game show ‘The Chase’. Firmly established as one of the top quiz minds, Labbett’s combination of intellectual prowess and on-screen charisma has made him a popular figure within international television. This comprehensive look into his life and career covers everything from his early beginnings to becoming a feared and respected chaser on one of the world’s most beloved quiz shows.

Early Life and Education

Born on August 15, 1965 in Tiverton, Devon, England, Labbett was raised in a family keen on quizzing; his father encouraged a love for general knowledge from an early age. Mark displayed an aptitude for academics and pursued higher education, earning himself a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and later, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Exeter. Before gracing television screens, Labbett put his qualifications to use teaching mathematics.

Transition to Quizzing Career

Labbett’s transition into the world of professional quizzing was marked by his first major television appearance on ‘Mastermind’ in 1999, where he specialized in the Olympic Games as his subject. His deep knowledge continued to manifest on other programs such as ‘University Challenge’, ‘Are You an Egghead?’, and ‘Countdown’. It wasn’t until 2009 that Mark took on his defining role as a chaser on ITV’s ‘The Chase’, becoming one of the core reasons many tuned into the show.

Rise to Fame with ‘The Chase’

‘The Chase’, hosted by Bradley Walsh, presents contestants with the chance to win money by answering questions correctly and avoiding being caught by the Chaser. Nicknamed “The Beast”, Labbett stands out not just for his imposing height of 6 feet 6 inches but also for his vast knowledge that spans multiple topics.

His persona as “The Beast” goes beyond physical stature; it is an allusion to both his strength in knowledge and his surname—’la bête’ translates to ‘the beast’ in French. Labbett has been part of ‘The Chase’ since it premiered in the UK and has become a widely recognized face of TV quiz shows internationally, with versions of ‘The Chase’ being shown in various countries.

International Acclaim and Other Quiz Shows

Alongside his tenure on ‘The Chase’, Labbett has taken part in multiple other quiz shows internationally. On top of appearances in the Australian version of ‘The Chase’, he has participated in ‘The Chase USA’, showcasing his quizzing skills to an American audience and gaining considerable acclaim in the process.

Moreover, Labbett’s passion for competition led him to retain an active position within the global quizzing community, participating in various quiz tournaments and competitions and often placing remarkably high in national and international rankings.

Personal Life

Away from his quiz show fame, Labbett has dealt with personal issues quite publicly due to his television presence. He has been candid about challenges related to weight management and managed to make significant lifestyle changes leading to substantial weight loss. His personal life occasionally features in media stories, which characterizes the downside of public life.

Philanthropy and Media Involvement

Apart from competing, Mark has utilized his celebrity status for philanthropic efforts, often participating in charity quizzes and events that help raise funds for good causes. He also appears frequently on talk shows and documentary features providing insight into the world of quizzing. These engagements have cemented him as an ambassador for brain sports and mental proficiency.


  • Born August 15, 1965 in Devon, England
  • Earned a Master’s Degree from Oxford University
  • Debuted on TV with ‘Mastermind’ in 1999
  • Joined ITV’s ‘The Chase’ as a professional quizzer since 2009
  • Known universally by the nickname “The Beast”
  • Participated in international versions of ‘The Chase’, including Australia and USA
  • Advocates for charitable events through participation in charity quizzes
  • In closing, through his affable nature yet intimidating intellect, Mark Labbett has become not just a television personality but also a role model inspiring many to value knowledge acquisition. Whilst dominating on ‘The Chase’, “The Beast” shows that proper application of wit coupled with a warm personality brings entertainment to millions while upholding the spirit of competitiveness inherent to game shows.

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