Mariska Hargitay- 11/Jan/2024

Mariska Hargitay- 11/Jan/2024


Mariska Hargitay, born on January 23, 1964, in Santa Monica, California, is an American actress best known for her role as Detective Olivia Benson in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, an NBC drama series. She’s a winner of several prestigious awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe, and is also credited with contributing to greater public awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Early Life and Family

Mariska Hargitay was born to a star-studded family, being the daughter of actress Jayne Mansfield and bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. Despite her parents’ fame, her childhood was often challenging. Hargitay witnessed the death of her mother in a car accident when she was just three years old, resulting in she and her two brothers being raised by their father.

Schooling was completed in California, and Hargitay later traveled to the northeastern US to attend UCLA. However, she did not complete her degree, instead opting to pursue an acting career. This was a defining decision in her life, ultimately leading her to the substantial role she is well-known for today.

Acting Career

Hargitay started her acting career in the early 1980s with minor roles on television shows. Her breakthrough happened in 1999 when she was cast as Detective Olivia Benson in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The role not only made her a household name but also earned her critical acclaim.

Over the years, her portrayal of the compassionate yet tough detective working on sexually based offenses won the hearts of many viewers and critics alike. Her work in the series has bagged her several award nominations and wins, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Her dedication to the role goes beyond the screen as she harnesses her character’s influence to bring about change in real life.

Contributions to Society

Inspired by her role as Olivia Benson, Hargitay founded the Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004 to help survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. She has played a significant part in raising awareness about these issues and advocating for the rights of individuals affected by such crimes. The foundation has introduced various programs and campaigns aimed at ending violence and abuse while making a huge difference to the lives of survivors.

Later Career and Personal Life

While Hargitay’s career is highly defined by her role on Law & Order: SVU, she’s also appeared in other TV shows and films. Notably, she voiced a character in the animated feature, The Incredible Hulk and has made guest appearances on several notable series.

In her personal life, Mariska is married to actor Peter Hermann, whom she met on the set of Law & Order: SVU. They have three children together. Away from the public eye, she leads a life marked by philanthropy, showcasing a strong commitment to the cause she passionately believes in.


  • Mariska Hargitay was born on January 23, 1964
  • She is best known for her role as Detective Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU
  • She is an Emmy and Golden Globe award winner
  • Her mother, Jayne Mansfield, was a well-known actress
  • Hargitay has been working with Law & Order: SVU since 1999
  • She founded the Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004
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