Lori and George Schappell - The Inspiring Lives of Conjoined Twins Lori and George Schappell - 13/Apr/2024

Lori and George Schappell – The Inspiring Lives of Conjoined Twins Lori and George Schappell – 13/Apr/2024

The Inspiring Lives of Conjoined Twins Lori and George Schappell

Lori and George Schappell, born September 18, 1961, as Lori and Dori Schappell, are among the most famous conjoined twins in the world. Despite the medical and social challenges associated with their condition, they have lived lives of extraordinary achievement and individuality. Their story is not just one of medical anomaly, but also one of personal triumph, advocacy for persons with disabilities, and the complexities of identity.

Early Life and Upbringing

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Lori and George (originally named Dori) are craniopagus twins, meaning they are joined at the head. From an early age, the Schappells exhibited distinct personalities and individual interests. The twins were raised in a loving environment that aimed to afford them as much independence as their physical situation would allow.

They attended public school and enjoyed activities separate from one another whenever possible. This early insistence on individuality would shape their lives significantly as they refused to let their physical condition solely define them or restrict their aspirations.

Challenges and Medical Considerations

Conjoined twinning occurs in approximately one in every 200,000 live births; however, craniopagus twins like Lori and George are even rarer, representing only 2% of those cases. The medical implications of being conjoined vary greatly depending on how and where the twins are connected. For Lori and George, their connection at the head meant sharing critical blood vessels but having separate brains.

Throughout their lives, they have undergone several surgeries to improve their quality of life, including operations to enable them to stand up straight—previously, George would lie in a custom-made cart while Lori walked since he was born oriented perpendicular to his sister.

However, they decided against attempts to separate them because of the high risks involved. Instead, they pressed on to conquer other life challenges despite their physical circumstances.

Achievements and Individual Talents

Lori Schappell’s Personal Success

Lori worked at Good Shepherd’s vocational workshop for physically handicapped individuals before eventually moving on to become an award-winning bowler participating in the Special Olympics. She made history for being the first conjoined twin to participate in such competitions.

Lori always emphasized her own desires and interests which were often shared publicly in various documentaries throughout the years, shedding light not only on her life with George but also on her identity as an individual within such rarity.

George Schappell’s Entertainer Ambitions

George Schappell pursued a successful career in entertainment under the name Reba Schappell. He is a talented country singer who has traveled widely performing at concerts and events. George’s determination to succeed as an entertainer was driven by a passion for music that had little to do with his conjoined status. He has received considerable attention for his musical talents independently of his twin sister.

George’s journey also includes embracing his gender identity which he identified as male mid-life; this added an additional perspective to his narrative about self-identity and acceptance.

Advocacy for Disability Rights

Both Lori and George have been vocal about issues relating to disability rights and awareness. They have participated in television interviews and documentaries showcasing their lives to help break stereotypes surrounding conjoined twins specifically and disabled individuals broadly. Through public speaking engagements, they have inspired many by demonstrating what can be accomplished with determination regardless of one’s circumstances.

Their efforts have expanded beyond personal success as they have engaged in discussions concerning care accessibility, support systems for people with disabilities, and the importance of treating individuals based on their characters rather than their physical attributes.

Individual Lives In Conjoined Existence

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of Lori and George Schappell’s life is the balance they have managed to strike between togetherness and individuality. Theirs is a life straddled between unity and separation—a testament not just to their rare condition but also to the universal human experience of self-identity.

Their daily lives continue to raise questions about autonomy when two people share such proximity yet live distinct lives; from hobbies to career choices, friendships, and personal relationships, they navigate complexities few can truly comprehend.


  • Lori has been recognized as an award-winning Special Olympics participant.
  • They are craniopagus twins sharing critical blood vessels but having separate brains.
  • George has had a successful career as a talented country singer known by stage name Reba Schappell.
  • The pair has made numerous television appearances over the years raising awareness for disability rights.
  • Despite their condition, both have held jobs: Lori has worked with handicapped individuals while George pursued entertainment full-time.
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    A black-and-white photo split down the middle; on one side shows Lori bowling during a Special Olympics event, capturing her concentration and athletic ability; on the other side is George singing passionately into a microphone on stage with an intricate country outfit—one half depicting determination in sportsmanship the other half embodying musical performance brilliance.