LIV Golf - Understanding LIV Golf Invitational Series - 03/Feb/2024

LIV Golf – Understanding LIV Golf Invitational Series – 03/Feb/2024

Understanding LIV Golf Invitational Series

The LIV Golf Invitational Series has emerged as a significant and transformative player in the world of professional golf. Launched in 2022, it is a golf tour backed by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. It represents a direct challenge to the traditional golf tours such as the US-based PGA Tour and European Tour, now known as the DP World Tour. LIV Golf has incited both interest and controversy within the sport due to its financing, structure, and the implications it holds for the future of golf.

Formation and Background of LIV Golf

LIV Golf was conceptualized by former professional Australian golfer Greg Norman and is financially supported by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. The backdrop to its inception involved concerns voiced by some professional golfers and stakeholders about the scheduling, prize money distribution, and operational aspects of traditional tours. LIV aims at providing an alternative tour that offers lucrative payouts, a more limited schedule, and team-based competition which is a deviation from individual-centric events that dominate the golf landscape.

The Format and Appeal of LIV Golf

A defining aspect of LIV Golf is its unique format. The series comprises multiple events worldwide with limited fields of around 48 players who do not have to endure a cut after 36 holes as seen in traditional tours. The events include both individual and team competitions that unfold over just three days (54 holes) compared to the typical four-day (72 holes) events.

The substantial financial incentives are also a major allure. The tour touted record-breaking individual event prize funds of $25 million with an overall purse reported to be much higher than what’s available on other tours. The winner’s share: a colossal $4 million, dwarfing most winner’s cheques in professional golf before LIV’s advent.

Impact on Players and Traditional Tours

LIV’s attractive financial offerings have led to several high-profile golfers joining or expressing interest in the series. This migration has caused significant tensions between players, traditional tours, and LIV. Numerous longstanding members of the PGA Tour and DP World Tour have faced sanctions, including suspensions and fines for their participation in LIV events without releases or for breach of exclusivity clauses.

Furthermore, these moves have sparked debate within the golf community about player loyalty, competitive integrity, and whether financial motivation should play such a central role in the sport.

Controversies Surrounding LIV Golf

Aside from tensions with traditional tours, criticism has been directed towards LIV Golf for operating with financial backing from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Critics argue that this is an example of “sportswashing”, where countries attempt to use sports investments to project a positive international image despite having questions over their human rights records.

Future Implications

The emergence of LIV Golf could potentially lead to significant changes within professional golf. There are discussions surrounding possible modifications to traditional tours to retain top talent and remain competitive with LIV’s offering. The continued growth and acceptance of LIV will depend heavily on issues like player opinion, fan engagement, media rights deals, sponsorships, official recognition, and whether they will eventually coexist with other tours or push towards replacing them outright.


  • The Saudi Public Investment Fund is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds globally with assets exceeding $400 billion.
  • Greg Norman is a two-time Major Championship winner and serves as CEO of LIV Golf Investments.
  • Recruits to LIV Golf include multiple Major winners and former world number ones.
  • Tradition versus innovation is an overarching theme in reactions to LIV’s format and existence.
  • National security concerns in relation to major sporting investments have been topics of discussion in congresses and parliaments globally amid LIV Golf’s rise.
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