Josh Giddey - The Rise of Josh Giddey: From Australian Prospect to NBA Playmaker - 18/Jan/2024

Josh Giddey – The Rise of Josh Giddey: From Australian Prospect to NBA Playmaker – 18/Jan/2024

The Rise of Josh Giddey: From Australian Prospect to NBA Playmaker

Josh Giddey, the Australian basketball player who has made a striking entry into the National Basketball Association (NBA), is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about young talents in the game. From his early days in Australian basketball to being a key playmaker on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Giddey’s journey exemplifies a blend of innate talent and a strong work ethic. We delve into his early life, professional career, playing style, and impact on his team in this comprehensive look at Josh Giddey’s rising career.

Early Life and Career in Australia

Josh Giddey was born on October 10, 2002, in Melbourne, Victoria, to a family with strong basketball roots. His father, Warrick Giddey, was a former professional basketball player and his mother, Kim Giddey, also had an affiliation with the sport. This environment cultivated in him a passion for basketball from an early age.

Showing promising skills as a youth player, Giddey made significant progress through the ranks of Australian basketball. He attended St Kevin’s College in Toorak and began playing representative basketball for the Melbourne Tigers in the NBL1, akin to a semi-professional developmental league. Here, Giddey began turning heads with his performance and showed potential for a professional career.

In 2019, he was signed by the NBA Global Academy, an elite basketball training center at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. This provided him further opportunities to hone his skills against top-tier young talent from around the world.

His rise continued as he joined the Adelaide 36ers for the 2020-21 NBL season. During his rookie campaign, Giddey impressed with his playmaking abilities and earned the NBL Rookie of the Year award. Such accomplishments set him up as one of the most exciting prospects entering the next NBA draft.

Transition to the NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Selection

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected Josh Giddey with the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft. The choice gave clear indication that the franchise valued his versatility and envisioned him as part of their future core. His journey from Melbourne to the NBA marked him as one of Australia’s most prodigious basketball exports.

A Unique Playing Style That Defies Age

Giddey’s impact on the floor is reflective of a playing style that seems ahead of his age. Standing at roughly 6’8” with a keen sense for the game, he primarily plays as a point guard but possesses the size to operate across multiple positions.

What sets him apart is his exceptional court vision and passing ability—he has a knack for finding open teammates and creating scoring opportunities out of difficult situations. His height advantage helps him see over defenses and make pinpoint passes that few others can.

However, this does not suggest that he is not able to score himself. An adept ball-handler with a good feel for driving to the basket, Giddey is developing an offensive game that includes finishing at the rim and a growing shooting touch.

His rebounding is another strength which is notable for a guard. He has shown that with his size and understanding of positioning, he can be an effective rebounder at both ends of the court. The multifaceted nature of his game enables him to post triple-doubles—one of basketball’s markers for an all-around individual performance—in points, assists, and rebounds.

While there are areas that he’ll need to improve upon such as his perimeter defense and shooting consistency from distance—natural points of development for many younger players—his growth seems promising given his performances at such an early stage of his career.

Impacting Team Dynamics and Performance

Giddey has quickly become an integral part of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s rebuilding process. The team looks to leverage his diverse skill set to shape its offense and challenge opponents with his unique brand of playmaking.

The chemistry between Giddey and other young stars on the roster indicates potential for Oklahoma City’s future success. With each game, Giddey’s synchronization with teammates improves, serving well for Thunder’s vision of cultivating a team capable of nurturing young talents into star players.


  • Josh Giddey became the youngest Australian man to play for the senior national team at 17 years old
  • In June 2021 prior to being drafted into NBA, Giddey recorded back-to-back triple-doubles in two consecutive NBL games
  • He was honored with the NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month title multiple times during his first season
  • Known for charitable activities off-court as well; he often engages in community service
  • Image description: An action shot of Josh Giddey on the basketball court mid-game wearing an Oklahoma City Thunder uniform executing one of his signature passes with his left hand. Inquisitive fans fill up the background stands as they watch attentively.