Jodie Burrage - Introduction - 14/Jan/2024

Jodie Burrage – Introduction – 14/Jan/2024


Jodie Burrage is a professional tennis player from the United Kingdom. Burrage, though relatively new to the professional circuit, is making a name for herself through a combination of powerful strokes and impressive on-court strategy. This article will delve into the life and career of Jodie Burrage, from her early life, her beginning in tennis, career highlights, to her style of play and contributions to tennis.

Early Life

Burrage was born on 17th January 1999, in Kingston Upon Thames, a leafy suburb of London. Her parents were instrumental in her venturing into tennis, although she credits her older brother, now a pilot, as her first and fiercest competitor.

Beginning in Tennis

Jodie Burrage started playing tennis at an early age. After her parents realised her natural abilities for the sport, they enrolled her in a local tennis programme where she quickly began to stand out. Her dedication and focus, combined with her natural talents, made it clear that Burrage had a potential career in tennis ahead of her.

Junior Career

As a junior player, Burrage made a name for herself on the national and international circuits. She won several key tournaments and consistently ranked high in international junior player rankings. Her transition to the professional circuit built upon her junior successes and she made a smooth transition, demonstrating maturity and adaptability beyond her years.

Transition to Professional Tennis

Burrage made her breakthrough into professional tennis in 2017. In her early career, she competed mainly on the ITF Women’s Circuit, earning essential experience and honing her skills. In 2018, she began playing in more prestigious WTA events. Despite the steep jump in competition, she has held her own.

Career Highlights

Most notably, Burrage twice won the ITF Women’s Circuit in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2019, demonstrating her ability to shine in high-pressure situations. In Grand Slam tournaments, her best showing was reaching the second round of Wimbledon in 2021.

Style of Play

Burrage plays aggressive, attacking tennis, utilising her strong groundstrokes from both sides to push her opponents around the court. She has a particularly devastating forehand and isn’t afraid to approach the net. According to Burrage, her goal is not just to compete but to win. That competitive spirit shines through in her powerful, no-nonsense style of play.

Contributions to Tennis

While Burrage has not won any major titles yet, her impact on the tennis world goes beyond her stats. Her aggressive playing style is a breath of fresh air in the women’s game, which often relies on defensive tennis. Furthermore, her success sends a powerful message to young female athletes that regardless of how young or inexperienced they are, victories in profession sports are attainable.


  • Burrage was born in 1999 and started her professional career in 2017. She has steadily climbed the rankings since then
  • She has won several ITF Women’s Circuit titles, most notably in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2019
  • Burrage’s best Grand Slam result came in 2021, where she reached the second round of Wimbledon
  • Burrage’s plays an aggressive style of tennis, using strong groundstrokes to control the court
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