Iowa women's basketball - Introduction - 14/Jan/2024

Iowa women’s basketball – Introduction – 14/Jan/2024


Iowa Women’s Basketball Team, colloquially known as the Hawkeyes, is a classical representation of collegiate sports defined by generations of gifted athletes, passionate fans, and an illustrious history. Based in Iowa City, Iowa, the team competes in the Big Ten Conference and consistently ranks as a powerhouse on the court. The team’s relentless pursuit of excellence has seen it produce high-caliber players who have achieved both national and international recognition in women’s basketball.

History of Iowa Women’s Basketball

Historically, the Iowa Women’s Basketball program was established in 1974, with Lark Birdsong as the first head coach. The team’s inaugural season culminated in a record of 5-16. However, despite the initial challenges, the team showed dogged determination and a striving spirit. This early period laid the solid foundation for a program that would grow to become a force in women’s collegiate basketball.

One of the most iconic eras in the history of Iowa Women’s Basketball was when C. Vivian Stringer took the helm as the head coach in 1983. Stringer led the Hawkeyes to multiple Big Ten championships and solidified the team as a legitimate contender at the national level. Under Stringer, Iowa made nine NCAA Tournament appearances, including a Final Four appearance. Stringer’s tenure solidified Iowa as a respected and formidable force in women’s basketball.

The Modern Era

The Hawkeyes entered the new millennium under the leadership of Lisa Bluder. Since her appointment in 2000, Bluder has maintained the team’s status within the Big Ten Conference and around the country. Under her watch, the Hawkeyes have achieved regular season and conference tournament titles, as well as frequent NCAA tournament appearances. This modern era, which is still ongoing, has seen a steady growth of talent, attracting players not only nationally but also internationally.

The Cultural Impact

The success of the Iowa Women’s Basketball team goes far beyond the basketball court to impact the greater Iowa community. Over the years, the Hawkeyes have managed to generate a broad and passionate fan-base that avidly supports their program. The players and coaches are often involved in community service and educational initiatives within the region and beyond.

Highlights and Achievements

Throughout its existence, the Hawkeyes have achieved numerous accolades and made various remarkable strides. The team has won several Big Ten regular-season and tournament championships and made over 20 appearances in the NCAA tournament. Moreover, the Iowa Women’s Basketball team has produced some of the best basketball talents, who have gone on to be successful at both the professional level and the international stage.


  • Since its establishment, the Iowa Women’s Basketball team has achieved 12 Big Ten regular-season championships and two Big Ten Tournament championships
  • The team has made 14 consecutive postseason tournament appearances as of the 2018-2019 season
  • Two former Hawkeyes, Megan Gustafson and Samantha Logic, have been drafted into the WNBA
  • As of 2019, the team achieved one of its best seasons, making it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament
  • Iowa Women’s Basketball team regularly features in the top 25 of the NCAA women’s basketball rankings, reflecting its continuing success
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