Introduction to Fruit Stripe Gum - 11/Jan/2024

Introduction to Fruit Stripe Gum – 11/Jan/2024

Introduction to Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum, an iconic candy-cane colored gum, has painted the childhood of many Americans with its vibrantly unique stripes and playful tattoos on its wrapper. Launched in the early 60’s by Farley’s & Sather’s Candy Company, the classic gum has survived the exchange of multiple corporate hands and remains an acknowledged phenomenon in stores today.

History of Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum debuted in the early 1960s and was one of the first to offer flavored stripes. Marketed under the Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, the gum became popular for its bright packaging and zebra mascot, Yipes the Zebra. Each stick of gum also included temporary tattoos, adding to its appeal.

The gum’s journey through ownership changes is as colorful as the stripes on the stick of gum itself. After the initial launch by Farley’s & Sathers, it was later owned by Hershey, who sold it to the current owner, Ferrara Pan Candy Company, in 2003.

Fruit Stripe Gum in Pop Culture

Fruit Stripe Gum has enjoyed its share of fame in pop culture as well. It has been mentioned in various Hollywood films, television series, and songs due to its popularity. Additionally, the gum’s highly recognizable packaging design, color scheme, and mascot have made it an enduring symbol of American popular culture.

Competitive Landscape

The gum market has always been competitive, with several big-name brands vying for consumer favor. Despite this, Fruit Stripe Gum has managed to carve out its niche because of its unique product offerings and marketing approach. It has, over the years, maintained its appeal across generations by sustaining its distinctive striped design and the intriguing offer of temporary tattoos on the wrapper.

Challenges and Solutions

While the path of Fruit Stripe Gum has seen a lot of sunshine and rainbows, there had also been periods of stormy weather. The early 2000s saw a decline in the gum’s popularity with the advent of new competitors with a modern twist. To combat this, the Ferrara Pan Candy Company focused its efforts on marketing the gum’s nostalgic value and upheld its vintage allure, thus, retaining its market appeal.


  • Fruit Stripe is one of the first gums to have offered flavored stripes
  • Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company was the original company that launched Fruit Stripe Gum
  • The zebra mascot is named Yipes
  • The wrappers of the gum come with temporary tattoos
  • Fruit Stripe Gum has been present in the market since the early 1960s
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    The image for this article is a pack of Fruit Stripe Gum aglow under the soft light. It showcases the bright, multi-colored stripes on the sticks of gum, and the iconic zebra mascot, Yipes, cheering playfully on the wrapper. A stick of gum rests beside the pack, with the temporary tattoo clearly visible on the wrapper, showcasing the product’s dual appeal as a candy and a means for temporary expression.