Greg Rutherford - Early Life and Beginning of Career - 14/Jan/2024

Greg Rutherford – Early Life and Beginning of Career – 14/Jan/2024

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Gregory James Rutherford was born on November 17, 1986, in the town of Milton Keynes, England. From a sports enthusiast family, his career in athletics was, to an extent, predetermined by his genes. He was continually exposed to a sports-oriented environment due to his father’s role as a footballer for Aston Villa, and his great grandfather’s accomplishment as an Arsenal footballer.

In the earliest stages of his career, young Rutherford started making his presence felt in the domestic circuit through his school sports competitions. However, his innate athletic prowess would only take shape when he decided to specialize in the long jump at the age of 13. A chance win at a regional long jump competition solidified his choice, with Rutherford emerging as a soon-to-be significant figure in British athletics.

Progression and Achievements of Greg Rutherford

After proving his worth in numerous junior and domestic competitions, Rutherford made his international debut in the 2005 European Athletics Junior Championships. He made an impressive start and finished fourth in the long jump event. However, his international journey was just beginning.

In 2006, Rutherford won his first major medal at the European Athletics Championship, where he took silver. The victory further boosted his confidence and paved the way for his remarkable success in the following years.

One of his most significant milestones came in 2012, when he won Gold at the London Olympics. The victory made him a household name in British athletics and brought international recognition. Not only did this provide a boost to his career, but it also reaffirmed the status of British athletics on the global stage.

Rutherford’s career continued to flourish throughout the next few years, with victories in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

In 2016, he experienced a moment of history when he achieved the ‘Grand Slam’ of athletics – becoming the only British athlete to hold the Olympic, World, Continental, and Commonwealth titles simultaneously.


Rutherford announced his retirement from athletics in 2018, citing his struggle with injuries over the years. His retirement brought an end to one of the most accomplished careers in British athletics history.


  • Rutherford’s Olympic winning jump in 2012 was 8.31m, the same distance that won him gold at the 2015 World Championships
  • He is currently one of only five British athletes to have held all four major titles concurrently
  • He retired at the age of 31, after over a decade of competing at the highest level
  • His ‘Grand Slam’ winning jump in the 2016 European Championships was 8.25m
  • Rutherford’s personal best jump is 8.51m, achieved at the 2014 Diamond League Meeting in San Diego
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