GREG Hemphill - Understanding Greg Hemphill: A Comprehensive Look at the Scottish Comedian and Actor's Career and Legacy - 29/Jan/2024

GREG Hemphill – Understanding Greg Hemphill: A Comprehensive Look at the Scottish Comedian and Actor’s Career and Legacy – 29/Jan/2024

Understanding Greg Hemphill: A Comprehensive Look at the Scottish Comedian and Actor’s Career and Legacy

Greg Hemphill is a prominent figure in the realm of comedy and entertainment within the United Kingdom, particularly in Scotland. His career has been marked by significant contributions to television, theatre, and film. This deeply researched article aims to provide insight into Greg Hemphill’s life, commencement of his career, notable works, his influence on comedic culture, and his contributions and standing in modern times.

Early Life and Education of Greg Hemphill

Born on December 14, 1969, in Glasgow, Scotland, Gregor Edward Hemphill spent his early years in Montreal, Canada before returning to his native Scotland. This transatlantic upbringing would later provide a unique perspective that he often infuses into his creative work. An alumnus of the University of Glasgow where he studied Theatre, Film and Television, Hemphill’s grounding in these fields prepared him for a successful career ahead.

Starting Out: Early Career Movements

Greg Hemphill’s early forays into show business included sketch show comedy. He frequently collaborated with Ford Kiernan with whom he formed a dynamic and popular comedic partnership. Together, they worked on sketch shows such as “Pulp Video” for BBC Scotland in the late 90s which showcased Hemphill’s writing prowess and on-stage aptitude.

Breakthrough: ‘Chewin’ The Fat’ and the Rise to Prominence

The section following talks about his mainstream popularity which spiked with “Chewin’ The Fat,” a sketch show he created with Ford Kiernan.

Chewin’ The Fat: A Scottish Comedy Staple

Directly resulting from the success of “Pulp Video,” “Chewin’ The Fat” ran from January 1999 until December 2000 after which it was commissioned for several specials. A mix of recurring sketches and characters beloved by audiences propelled the show to iconic status in Scotland, distinguished by its brand of humor entrenched in Scottish culture.

‘Still Game’: A Culturally Defining Success

Arguably Hemphill’s most celebrated work is the sitcom ‘Still Game.’ Starting as a stage play featuring the two characters Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, it was later adapted into a television series in 2002. Co-written with Kiernan who also co-starred as Jack Jarvis to Hemphill’s Victor McDade, ‘Still Game’ explored the lives of two pensioners living in a fictional area of Glasgow.

A Solo Journey: Other Individual Pursuits

While most celebrated for his work with Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill also embarked on individual endeavors. He has dabbled in directing and contributed significantly to comedic and dramatic arts through various mediums including unexpected darker roles, scripted play adaptation and taking stage on stand-up comedy shows spotlighting his versatility apart from ensemble casts.

Impact on Scottish Comedy and Cultural Significance

Through his contributions towards comedy – specifically ‘Still Game,’ Hemphill helped to put Scots dialect and humor on the map. Additionally, he influenced upcoming comedians by breaking stereotype molds both regionally and nationally.

Current Activities: Stay Current with Greg Hemphill

Even though ‘Still Game’ concluded after an impressive run ensuring him a lasting legacy, Greg Hemphill has not slowed down. He is involved with various projects, including writing undertakings and acting roles in TV series besides mentoring budding talents within comedy circuits.


  • Greg Hemphill was born in Scotland but spent part of his childhood in Canada giving him an international perspective.—
  • He co-created “Chewin’ The Fat,” which ran from 1999 to 2002 and introduced several intriguing characters.—
  • ‘Still Game,’ a sitcom which told the stories of pensioners Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, established wide acclaim.—
  • His work with Ford Kiernan achieved immense popularity across the United Kingdom, notably within Scotland.—
  • Despite his collaborations, Greg maintaining a diverse portfolio with solo projects reflecting his versatility as a comedian.—

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