Golden Richards - Early Life and College Career - 24/Feb/2024

Golden Richards – Early Life and College Career – 24/Feb/2024

### The Legacy of Golden Richards: An Examination into the Storied Career of a Dallas Cowboys Icon ###

Golden Richards, born on December 31, 1950, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a former professional American football player who is best remembered for his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). As a wide receiver, Richards’ career spanned from 1973 to 1981, during which he left an indelible mark on the franchise and its fans. His journey from a college athlete to a Super Bowl Champion is one encapsulated by hard work, resiliency, and moments that have stood the test of time.

Early Life and College Career

Richards’ athleticism became evident early on, though it wasn’t until attending Brigham Young University that he truly honed his football skills. At BYU, he developed into a standout receiver, eventually setting several school records and catching the attention of professional scouts. His college career set the stage for what would become an impactful professional tenure.

Joining the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys

In 1973, Golden Richards was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the NFL Draft. Joining one of the most prominent organizations in the league, Richards was stepping into a high-profile situation with great expectations. Nevertheless, his rookie season was promising enough to solidify his position within the team and foreshadow a successful career ahead.

Impact with the Dallas Cowboys

During his years with the Cowboys, Golden Richards was a part of one of the most formidable teams in the league. His speed and receiving ability contributed to the offensive prowess of the Cowboys in the 1970s. His big-play potential heightened excitement whenever he was targeted downfield.

Perhaps his most memorable moment with the team came in Super Bowl XII when Richards caught a critical touchdown pass, cementing his legacy in Cowboy lore. His contributions during this era were vital in maintaining “America’s Team” status for the Cowboys and allowed them to remain at or near the pinnacle of success throughout his tenure.

Later Career and Life After Football

Richards’ later career involved brief stints with other teams such as the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins before retirement. Though he may not have replicated his early-career success with Dallas during these years, his lasting impact on fans of the game remained clear.

Post-retirement saw Richards engage in various occupations and community involvement initiatives, staying connected to football and public service.

Legacy and Influence on American Football

The influence Golden Richards exerted extended beyond his statistics. He played during a golden era for America’s favorite sport and represented all that is associated with being a Dallas Cowboy: excellence, dedication, and showmanship.

His playing style influenced how wide receivers played the game and set examples for future generations who would seek to emulate his approach to football.

Lasting Impressions in Modern-Day Football

Modern-day sensibilities about how receivers play the game can find roots back to those like Golden Richards. As sports evolve, figures from previous eras that contributed significantly continue to be important touchstones for current players and fans alike. Many remember Golden Richards not just for what he accomplished but also for how he played—with flare, speed, and unwavering commitment.


  • Golden Richards was drafted in the second round (46th overall pick) of the 1973 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys.
  • He helped lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory in January 1978 (Super Bowl XII) against the Denver Broncos.
  • Alongside achievements on field, post-NFL life involves active community engagements and charity work that benefits former players and their communities.
  • Conclusion: Remembering a Legendary Cowboy

    Golden Richards may not be universally recognized as one of NFL’s most prolific players, his contribution to America’s Team during its heyday is indelible; he represents what it means to be part of an iconic organization and has left lasting effects both on and off the field.

    While records are broken and new stars rise, historians of the sport remember and honor those like Richards who’ve paved its contemporary pathways. For Dallas Cowboys enthusiasts specifically, his performances carried instances of sheer joy—one touchdown at every legacy forging catch at a time.

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