Genesis Invitational - The Genesis Invitational: Prestige and History on the Greens of Riviera Country Club - 15/Feb/2024

Genesis Invitational – The Genesis Invitational: Prestige and History on the Greens of Riviera Country Club – 15/Feb/2024

The Genesis Invitational: Prestige and History on the Greens of Riviera Country Club

The Genesis Invitational stands as a premier event on the PGA Tour, drawing golf enthusiasts from around the globe to witness the sport’s highest-caliber talent in action. Held at the iconic Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California, this invitational is not just another tournament—it is a celebration of golf’s rich tradition, competitive spirit, and its future.

Genesis Invitational: A Modern Tournament with Timeless Allure

The Genesis Invitational, once a prominent stop on the professional golf circuit, has been elevated to an even higher status alongside events such as the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide. Run by the Tiger Woods Foundation, the event has grown both in prestige and philanthropic impact.

Riviera Country Club itself adds to the allure of the Genesis Invitational. Known for its challenging course design featuring the illustrious par-4 tenth hole and historic Amen Corner, Riviera has been a touchstone for golf legends since its opening in the 1920s. The course demands precision and strategy, hallmarks that have stood unchanged regardless of advancements in equipment or technique.

Glittering Field: The Chase for the Title at The Genesis Invitational

The caliber of play at The Genesis Invitational offers spectators and viewers a star-studded field including many of the world’s top-ranked players as they vie for a substantial prize pool and FedExCup points. The invitational format allows for a limited field, thereby elevating competition and ensuring only elite players go head-to-head over four rounds.

Winning the Genesis Invitational is considered a high mark of achievement for touring professionals not only because of its storied history—paired alongside modern great like Woods himself—but also due to its notorious difficulty. Each year brings compelling storylines with new emerging talents looking to etch their name on the champion’s trophy.

Economic and Philanthropic Footprint

The Genesis Invitational not only contributes to professional golf but also makes a significant impact both economically and philanthropically. The tournament draws in an international audience, with visitors escalating local tourism revenues. Additionally, proceeds raised by the championship help fund nationwide programs that aim to broaden access to the sport and provide educational opportunities through the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Sponsorship by luxury automotive brand Genesis enhances the tournament aura, promising attendees an upscale experience consistent with both brands’ reputations for excellence and prestige. Philanthropic benefits derived from sponsorship relationships serve wide community elements, providing invaluable inspiration and resource access where it matters most.


  • The Riviera Country Club was designed by George C. Thomas Jr. and William P. Bell and opened in 1926.
  • Tiger Woods’ first professional tournament was played at Riviera Country Club; however, it is one of few courses where he has never won an official event.
  • The Genesis Invitational was first established as the Los Angeles Open in 1926 and has undergone various sponsorships before taking its current name in 2017.
  • Proceeds from this PGA Tour event benefit college access programs through the Tiger Woods Foundation, which has reached millions of students since its inception.
  • Tiger Woods has served as host of the Genesis Invitational since 2017, emphasizing his connection to Riviera and his commitment both to professional golf and philanthropy.
  • Image description: A picturesque view of the iconic Riviera Country Club during the Genesis Invitational, with professional golfers walking along the lush fairways bordered by mature trees under a clear blue sky. Spectators follow in observance amidst perfectly manicured grounds that speak to golf’s storied relationship with nature and sporting excellence.