Free Wills Month - Understanding Free Wills Month: Accessing Legal Services Without the Cost - 07/Mar/2024

Free Wills Month – Understanding Free Wills Month: Accessing Legal Services Without the Cost – 07/Mar/2024

Understanding Free Wills Month: Accessing Legal Services Without the Cost

Free Wills Month is an annual campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of having a will and to encourage people to get their own written, particularly for those above a certain age. It involves a collaboration between various charities and solicitors wherein participating legal professionals offer their services for free to write or update wills. Usually held in specific months such as March or October, depending on the location, Free Wills Month is particularly aimed at older adults, though terms can vary.

Eligibility and Participation: Who Can Benefit?

During Free Wills Month, anyone aged 55 and over is typically eligible to have a simple will written or updated for free. The exact age threshold and the terms can vary depending on the country and the specific campaign. Those interested are encouraged to check the official Free Wills Month website or related resources for eligibility details, participating locations, and available appointments. With its emphasis on simplicity, this initiative is ideal for creating straightforward wills; if someone has complex requests like overseas assets or trusts, they may need to seek separate legal advice or agree to pay additional fees.

How It Works: Process and Procedure

Participants looking to take advantage of Free Wills Month must follow a few steps. Generally, one starts by selecting a participating solicitor from a list provided by the campaign organizers. Appointments are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and slots can fill up quickly. During the initial meeting with the solicitor, individuals discuss their wishes and provide necessary information for drafting the will. This could include details on asset distribution, naming of executors, and other relevant aspects.

The Motivations: Why Solicitors Participate

Solicitors participate in Free Wills Month for diverse reasons. Many view it as an opportunity to give back to the community and help those who might not otherwise be able to afford their services. Additionally, it raises awareness about the importance of having a legally binding will, fostering goodwill in the community and sometimes generating future business from clients who return for more complex services that may go beyond what’s offered for free.

Feedback from Beneficiaries: Testimonials and Responses

Beneficiaries of Free Wills Month frequently express gratitude and relief at having taken part in the campaign. Testimonials often highlight how easy and convenient it was to arrange appointments and handle will-writing responsibilities with professional help at no cost. There’s also a sense of security that comes from knowing one’s assets will be distributed according to personal wishes after death.

Charity Involvement: A Win-Win Situation

Charities often partner with solicitors in promoting Free Wills Month as it presents an opportunity for them to potentially be included as beneficiaries within wills. Though not obligatory, many individuals choose to leave a legacy gift to a charity within their will as part of this process. The charities benefit from future donations while supporting a beneficial service to prospective donors. It’s important to note that while leaving a donation to charity is always appreciated by these organizations, it’s by no means a requirement for participation in Free Wills Month.

The Broader Impact: Encouraging Legacy Giving and Future Planning

Aside from assisting individuals in making legally recognized wills, Free Wills Month also plays a significant role in encouraging longer-term philanthropic giving (legacy giving) and the responsible disposition of assets. By facilitating simpler ways of estate planning, people are guided through considering how they can impact charitable causes after they’re gone. It also ensures that family members are cared for according to specific wishes rather than default government provisions under intestacy laws when someone dies without a will.


  • The typical age threshold for participation in Free Wills Month is 55 years and over.
  • Despite being offered at no cost during Free Wills Month, extensive or complicated will services may require additional fees.
  • Charitable legacies are among the most significant sources of income for many charities, with Free Wills Month promoting this form of giving.
  • Having a legally binding will in place can avoid potential disputes among survivors regarding asset distribution after death.
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