Frank Hester - The Pioneering Work of Frank Hester: A Legacy in Health Informatics - 12/Mar/2024

Frank Hester – The Pioneering Work of Frank Hester: A Legacy in Health Informatics – 12/Mar/2024

The Pioneering Work of Frank Hester: A Legacy in Health Informatics

Frank Hester OBE, though not a household name like some health pioneers, has played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the National Health Service’s (NHS) IT infrastructure. He founded TPP (The Phoenix Partnership) and has actively contributed to the advancement of health informatics, making patient care more efficient and integrated. This article will delve into his career and the impact of his work on the NHS and beyond.

Early Life and Career Start of Frank Hester

Before becoming synonymous with healthcare innovation, Frank Hester’s journey began in humble circumstances. He was born into a family where the principles of hard work and public service were ingrained from an early age.

Founding of TPP and Revolutionizing Healthcare IT

In the mid-1990s, healthcare systems around the world, including the NHS, were struggling with outdated and disparate information systems that severely hindered patient care and data handling capabilities. In 1997, recognizing the opportunity for improvement, Frank Hester founded TPP with the aim to develop a unified electronic health record system.

TPP’s SystmOne: A Unified Health Record Solution

Under Frank Hester’s leadership, TPP created SystmOne. This electronic health records system stands as one of his most significant contributions. SystmOne integrated patient records across different healthcare settings, enabling seamless sharing of patient information among general practitioners, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

The Impact of SystmOne on Patient Care

SystmOne quickly proved to be revolutionary. It allowed neighboring clinics to access a patient’s medical history, providing healthcare professionals timely information for better-informed decision-making. As a result, care became more coordinated and personalized while also enhancing operational efficiency within practices and trusts.

Expansion and Digital Innovations

Continuing his work in improving healthcare through technology, Hester guided TPP through Expansion and digital innovations beyond SystmOne. His company evolved to cover various aspects of healthcare IT solutions, including appointment booking systems, analytics tools, and more.

Challenges Along the Way

Despite its many successes, TPP’s path hasn’t always been smooth. Frank Hester faced challenges ranging from political hurdles to dealing with patients’ data privacy concerns. Through strategic thinking and an unwavering focus on patient outcomes, he steered his company through numerous obstacles.

Recognition and Awards

Frank Hester’s monumental impact on healthcare has garnered numerous recognitions. His contributions have been recognized in both technology and public service sectors, including receiving an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) honor.

The Future of Healthcare IT Post-Frank Hester

Hester has underscored the importance of continued innovation in healthcare IT. The future he envisions is one where advancements keep pace with medicine’s evolving demands, leading to better global health outcomes.


  • Frank Hester was awarded an OBE for services to healthcare.
  • TPP’s SystmOne is used by thousands of NHS organizations across the UK.
  • Under Hester’s guidance, TPP has significantly helped improve access to integrated patient records.
  • Despite resistance, Hester has been a proponent for data sharing across NHS services to benefit patient care.
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