Fern Britton - The Life and Career of Fern Britton: A Comprehensive Overview - 05/Mar/2024

Fern Britton – The Life and Career of Fern Britton: A Comprehensive Overview – 05/Mar/2024

The Life and Career of Fern Britton: A Comprehensive Overview

Fern Britton is a well-known figure in British television, celebrated for her decades-long career as a presenter and author. Her contributions to the media landscape span various platforms and formats, making her one of the UK’s beloved personalities.

Early Years and Beginnings in Broadcasting

Fern Britton was born in Ealing, London, on 17 July 1957. The daughter of actor Tony Britton and Ruth Hawkins, Fern grew up in a household familiar with the entertainment industry. Her early interests in performing arts would eventually lead her to forge a significant path in broadcasting.

Britton began her television career in the 1980s, working initially with Westward Television in Plymouth and then with BBC Spotlight in the South West. Gradually building her reputation through regional programs, she soon received national attention.

Rise to National Prominence

Her national breakthrough came when she started presenting on “That’s Life!”, a popular television magazine program broadcast on the BBC. Britton’s relatable manner and engaging presence on screen resonated with viewers, securing her position as a trusted household name.

Following this, she gained further prominence by co-presenting “Ready Steady Cook”, which became a staple cooking show on British television. Her chemistry with various chefs and contestants added to the show’s dynamic appeal.

Highest Point: Co-Hosting ‘This Morning’

However, it was her tenure as the co-host of ITV’s “This Morning” that brought her into the limelight. Beginning in 1999, she presented this flagship daytime magazine program alongside Phillip Schofield after initially starting out with John Leslie. Britton’s friendly demeanor and excellent interviewing skills made her an integral part of the show’s success for ten years, during which time “This Morning” won multiple awards.

Venturing Into Writing: A Successful Author

Fern Britton didn’t confine her talents to the small screen. Showcasing a passion for storytelling, she embarked on a successful writing career authoring several novels. Her fiction often draws on her experiences and observations from life, encapsulating relatable themes of love, resilience, and adventure. With several bestsellers to her name, Britton has established herself as an acclaimed author.

Personal Life: Family and Advocacy

Away from her professional endeavors, Fern Britton’s personal life has also drawn public interest. Married twice, she has four children. Her marriage to celebrity chef Phil Vickery ended in 2020 after twenty years. Known for her candid nature, Britton has openly discussed various personal challenges including her struggles with weight, leading to a noted gastric band surgery that resulted in significant weight loss.

Advocacy and charity work also feature centrally in Britton’s life. She is known for participating in events to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart, such as breast cancer research following her mother’s experience with the disease.

Television Comebacks and Present Ventures

Despite stepping away from “This Morning” in 2009, Fern Britton has maintained an active presence on television through participation in series such as “Culinary Genius” and appearances on talk shows discussing her books. Her influence remains palpable both onscreen and off through all her work.

Legacy and Influence

With a career spanning several decades, Fern Britton’s influence is noteworthy not only because of her on-screen work but also due to the way she has capably managed the transition from broadcasting stalwart to acclaimed writer.


  • Fern Britton was an accomplished presenter of “This Morning” for a decade before departing in 2009
  • She is also a successful author with several novels published
  • Advocacy for various health-related causes is an important aspect of her public profile
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