Engelbert Humperdinck – Engelbert Humperdinck: Legendary Crooner with a Five-Decade Legacy – 01/Feb/2024

Engelbert Humperdinck: Legendary Crooner with a Five-Decade Legacy

Engelbert Humperdinck, whose real name is Arnold George Dorsey, is a renowned British singer and entertainer known for his rich baritone voice and suave stage presence. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, Humperdinck’s contributions to music have earned him an indelible place in entertainment history. This article explores Humperdinck’s life, from his iconic hits and international fame to the latter stages of his ongoing career.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born on May 2, 1936, in Madras, British India (now Chennai, India), Arnold Dorsey moved to Leicester, England, with his family at the age of 10. There he would discover his passion for music and begin singing in local clubs under different stage names. It was not until 1965 when struggling with his initial bouts in the music industry that his manager suggested the moniker Engelbert Humperdinck, named after the 19th-century German composer of operas such as “Hansel und Gretel.”

His career took off spectacularly in 1967 with the release of “Release Me,” a song that achieved remarkable success– it topped the UK Singles Chart, preventing The Beatles from occupying the number one spot with “Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever.” This hit propelled him into international fame and marked the beginning of a series of chart-topping singles.

International Acclaim and Signature Style

Following the success of “Release Me,” Humperdinck enjoyed regular chart success with songs like “There Goes My Everything,” “The Last Waltz,” and “After the Lovin’.” His rich voice and romantic ballads resonated with audiences globally, making him a sought-after live performer. From Las Vegas to the Royal Albert Hall in London, Engelbert charmed listeners worldwide.

In addition to his singing talent, Engelbert became known for his distinctive sideburns and fashion style which fused gentlemanly elegance with a touch of flamboyance—marks of a true showbiz personality. His unique aura elevated him as an emblematic figure across both pop and adult contemporary music circles.

Transitioning Through Decades

As the music landscape shifted over time, Humperdinck did not always maintain his commercial dominance but he kept evolving with it. In the 1970s and 1980s, although chart successes were sporadic, Engelbert continued touring and releasing albums to a loyal fan base. His ability to stay relevant by shifting his style towards country and pop allowed him to maintain artistic productivity even when trends shifted.

In later years, Humperdinck showed remarkable adaptability by collaborating with contemporary artists and exploring new genres, thus attracting newer generations of fans while retaining his traditional audience.

Humperdinck in the 21st Century

Entering into the new millennium, Engelbert Humperdinck demonstrated a commitment to continue working within the music industry. He released several albums including “Engelbert at His Very Best,” “Let There Be Love,” and “Engelbert Calling,” which featured duets with other famed artists. In 2012, he further solidified his legacy by representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Love Will Set You Free.”

Continued Performances and Legacy

Through the spanning years filled with tours and performances, Humperdinck’s undertaking showcases endurance in show business rarely seen amongst his contemporaries. Now into his eighties, Engelbert has sustained a performance calendar indicative of an undying passion for music that resonates with audiences wherever he goes.


  • Engelbert Humperdinck was born Arnold George Dorsey on May 2, 1936
  • “Release Me” hit number one on the UK Singles Chart in 1967
  • Represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision Song Contest in 2012
  • Has sold more than 140 million records worldwide
  • Was nominated four times for a Grammy Award
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    A formal promotional photograph of Engelbert Humperdinck captured mid-performance. The elegantly dressed singer holds a microphone in one hand while seeming deeply engaged with the content of his song. His signature hairstyle and sideburns are apparent, as is the intense yet charismatic presence he carries on stage.