Elden Ring DLC - Elden Ring's Anticipated Expansion: DLC Expectations and Possibilities - 21/Jun/2024

Elden Ring DLC – Elden Ring’s Anticipated Expansion: DLC Expectations and Possibilities – 21/Jun/2024

Elden Ring’s Anticipated Expansion: DLC Expectations and Possibilities

With the release of Elden Ring, FromSoftware delivered a game that captivated the attention of the gaming community with its expansive open-world, challenging combat, and intricate lore. Anticipation for an ensuing DLC is palpable among fans, who are eager to delve deeper into the world of the Lands Between. Here, we explore the potential forms an Elden Ring DLC could take, based on previous patterns established by FromSoftware, community expectations, and the fertile lore of the game itself.

FromSoftware’s History with Expansion Content

FromSoftware has a strong history of delivering substantial downloadable content for its games, particularly within the Soulsborne franchise. Historically, these expansions have added new areas to explore, introduced compelling characters, offered complex narratives tied into the main story, and provided new challenges in the form of enemies and bosses. Games like “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne” were praised for their post-launch DLCs, which were seen not as mere additions but essential parts of the gaming experience.

What Fans Want from Elden Ring DLC

As with any FromSoftware title, fan expectations for an Elden Rowing DLC are steep. Fans are looking forward to new weapons, spells, armor sets, and talismans that add depth to the already rich combat system. Many express their hopes for additional quests that offer more glimpses into the complex lore of Elden Ring, perhaps shedding light on some of the more cryptical storytelling elements. A common request includes expansion of existing areas or introduction of entirely new regions to explore within the Interlands. Moreover, fans are anticipating even more challenging boss battles that push their skills to new heights.

Throwing Open The Gates: Possible Directions for Lore Expansion

Though nothing is confirmed until FromSoftware makes an announcement, there is no shortage of possibilities for expanding Elden Ring’s rich tapestry through DLC. Given the vastness of the game’s lore and setting, new content could take players deeper into lands only mentioned in passing or expound upon the histories of enigmatic characters encountered throughout their journey. Possibly providing backstories for characters not explored in-depth or introducing wholly unknown entities could add further layers to the lore.

Bringing Fresh Challenges: Potential New Game Mechanics

Apart from exploratory and narrative elements, a potential DLC could introduce new game mechanics that change player strategies or enhance exploration. This might include unique traversal mechanics, a deeper crafting system, or innovative PvP elements that incentivize different styles of multiplayer engagement. Such additions have been a feature in past expansions for FromSoftware titles and would likely be welcomed by the Elden Ring community.


  • FromSoftware typically releases DLC within a year following a game’s launch.
  • Dark Souls 3’s two-part DLC collectively added 18 unique bosses to the game.
  • Bloodborne’s “The Old Hunters” expansion was critically acclaimed for its intricate level design and storyline integration.
  • Elden Ring has many areas mentioned or alluded to that players have yet to explore.
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