Drew Lock - The NFL Journey of Quarterback Drew Lock: An Analysis of Ups and Downs - 13/Mar/2024

Drew Lock – The NFL Journey of Quarterback Drew Lock: An Analysis of Ups and Downs – 13/Mar/2024

The NFL Journey of Quarterback Drew Lock: An Analysis of Ups and Downs

Drew Lock’s career in the NFL has been marked by both potential and challenges. As a young quarterback, he has experienced the highs of promising performances and the lows of inconsistency and injuries. This thorough examination dissects Lock’s path from his beginnings to his present standing in the league, and what his future might hold.

Early Years and College Success: Building a Foundation for Future Prospects

Drew Lock’s journey to the NFL started in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, where he stood out as a star athlete at Lee’s Summit High School. Upon graduating, he committed to playing college football at the University of Missouri. At Mizzou, Lock made significant strides, displaying arm strength and the athletic ability that would underpin his professional prospects.

His college career peaked during his junior year when he led the nation with 44 touchdown passes and was named to the First-team All-SEC. Lock’s senior year offered another opportunity to showcase his talent amid heightened expectations. Though his stats saw a slight decline, he succeeded in illustrating his capability to pro scouts, cementing his status as one of the draft’s intriguing quarterback prospects.

Entering the League: Draft Day Dreams and Early Adjustment

The Denver Broncos selected Drew Lock with the 42nd pick in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Embarking upon his rookie season, he faced the inevitable learning curve that accompanies a transition from college football to the professional ranks.

An early thumb injury landed Lock on injured reserve, delaying his debut until late in the season. However, upon his return, he displayed flashes of brilliance across five starts, leading to optimism for his development. The Broncos ended the season with a 4-1 record with Lock as a starter, giving hope that they found a potential franchise quarterback.

Subsequent Seasons: The Quest for Consistency and Team Leadership

As Drew Lock entered his second season, expectations were heightened by his promising finish the previous year. Despite this, Lock’s performance oscillated between impressive outings and games marred by turnovers and lapses in decision-making. These inconsistencies hindered both his progress and that of a young Broncos team looking to climb back into playoff contention.

While Lock ended the season leading one of the most vibrant young offenses in the league, questions remained about his long-term viability as a starter. Moving into subsequent seasons, competition for the starting role intensified as Denver continued to evaluate their quarterback situation.

Relegation and Recovery: Navigating Professional Adversity

Entering subsequent seasons beyond 2020 posed new challenges for Drew Lock as looming competition threatened his position as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. Acquisitions in free agency and trades unsettled Lock’s role on the team, prompting him to demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite not being named the starter going forward, Lock continued to prepare diligently, seizing opportunities when they arose due to injuries or coaching decisions. His persistence during these testing times showed resolve often demanded of those with lasting careers in the National Football League.

Future Endeavors: The Road Ahead for Drew Lock

The future for Drew Lock remains to be written. His capacity to grasp onto a consistent starting role may depend on yet-unseen factors such as team fit, system compatibility, coaching confidence, and personal improvement on weak facets of his game.

What remains evident is that Lock has had moments that typify him as having starter potential. Whether he can convert these glimpses into prolonged success will be critical to defining his narrative as an NFL quarterback in seasons to come.


  • Drew Lock was awarded First-team All-SEC honors after leading the nation with 44 touchdown passes during his junior year at Missouri.
  • He finished his college career with 99 touchdowns and 12,193 yards passing, which were among the best at Missouri.
  • After being drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2019 with their second-round pick (42nd overall), Lock threw for 6 touchdowns in his first five starts at the end of the season.
  • Throughout subsequent seasons, Lock has shown moments of promise but has been criticized for inconsistencies and turnovers..
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