Dragon's Dogma 2 - Dragon's Dogma 2: The Anticipated Sequel to a Cult Classic RPG is Finally on the Horizon - 07/Mar/2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Dragon’s Dogma 2: The Anticipated Sequel to a Cult Classic RPG is Finally on the Horizon – 07/Mar/2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2: The Anticipated Sequel to a Cult Classic RPG is Finally on the Horizon

Dragon’s Dogma, the original open-world action role-playing game (RPG) developed and published by Capcom, has been holding a firm place in the hearts of its fanbase since its initial release in 2012. Known for its innovative pawn system, robust character customization, and thrilling combat mechanics involving the climbing and toppling of giant beasts, the game carved out its own unique space in the RPG genre. Nearly a decade after its debut, Capcom has finally confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in development, cultivating immense excitement and speculation throughout the gaming community. This long-form article will delve into what is known so far about Dragon’s Dogma 2, from development updates to fan expectations and everything in between.

The Journey to Dragon’s Dogma 2: Development History and Fan Base Growth

Dragon’s Dogma was initially met with a mixed reception, but over time it garnered a devoted following—fans appreciated the game’s distinctive mix of Western fantasy influences and classic Capcom gameplay mechanics. The title also saw additions with an expansion, Dark Arisen, which improved on many aspects of the original and added significant content. Despite its age, the community has stayed active, with forums and social media buzzing with discussions on strategies, fan theories, and calls for a sequel.

The confirmation of Dragon’s Dogma 2 came as part of an anniversary celebration for the franchise, reigniting passion amongst the fanbase. The official announcement was relatively scant on details but did indicate that Dragon’s Dogma 2 would utilize Capcom’s RE Engine, which has been the backbone for modern hits like Resident Evil Village.

Gameplay Evolution: What to Expect from Dragon’s Dogma 2

Given the generational leap in hardware since the first game’s release, expectations are high for innovative enhancements in gameplay mechanics. The unique aspects of Dragon’s Dogma’s combat system are expected to be overhauled and expanded upon, drawing players into even more exhilarating confrontations with mythical beasts.
Climbing mechanics that allow players to scramble up and attack enemy weak points were a highlight in the first game; these are anticipated to return with greater fluidity and depth.

Additionally, the pawn system—a feature that allowed players to create companion characters or hire others crafted by fellow players online—is also expected to undergo significant improvements. The possibilities are rife for an evolution in AI behavior or social play integration.

Storytelling and Open World Exploration

Notably absent in many discussions of Dragon’s Dogma 2 have been specifics on narrative direction. The first game presented a mix of open-world exploration with a story that explored themes of fate, free will, and rebirth. Players hope for an expanded world rich with lore, quests, and NPCs that propel a narrative worthy of its intriguing setting. Expectations include broader regions to explore, enhanced world-building elements, and an enriched main quest-line fuelled by immersive storytelling.

Graphical Enhancements & Technical Performance

With Dragon’s Dogma 2 being developed on Capcom’s RE Engine, anticipated improvements include cutting-edge graphics alongside meticulous environmental designs—all woven together to provide a more immersive experience that surpasses its predecessor. This also means that higher frame rates and faster load times are likely expected as part of the package for next-generation consoles and PC gaming platforms.

The Role of Community Feedback

The gap between games provides Capcom ample opportunity to incorporate feedback from Dragon’s Dogma’s fervent community. Adjustments to factors like inventory management, fast travel accessibility, and difficulty scaling could prove critical bases on community feedback often voiced concerning the original game.


  • Dragon’s Dogma has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide as of 2017. A notable feat for a new IP at that time
  • The Dark Arisen expansion launched a year later after initial release improving technical performance and quality-of-life gameplay mechanics
  • Dragon’s Dogma features an asynchronous multiplayer component through its innovative pawn system
  • Capcom’s RE Engine has powered successful recent releases including games from their popular Resident Evil series
  • Conclusion: Embracing a New Dawn in Gaming

    As tantalizingly little as has been revealed about Dragon’s Dogma 2 so far, anticipation remains fervent for what many believe will be a groundbreaking entry into next-gen RPG gaming. Leveraged by modern technology via Capcom’s RE Engine and buoyed by an ardent community eager for its release—its potential seems supreme. Where detailed information is sparse now, there’s an assured promise within gaming circles: When this title eventually makes its way into player hands, it will make waves worthy of its serpentine namesake.

    *Image description: Artistic concept render of Dragon’s Dogma 2 featuring characters standing at the edge of an ominous forest looking up at a large dragon obscured by mist with the game title visible above.*