Dak Prescott - Introduction - 14/Jan/2024

Dak Prescott – Introduction – 14/Jan/2024


Dak Prescott, or Rayne Dakota Prescott as he was named at birth, is an American professional football quarterback who is part of the National Football League team, the Dallas Cowboys. Born on July 29, 1993, in Sulphur, Louisiana, Prescott catapulted to fame as a college football player at Mississippi State, where he received recognition for his outstanding athleticism and leadership skills, before getting drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. This article aims to provide readers with an in-depth look at Dak Prescott’s life and career, while maintaining focus on his development as a footballer, community involvement, and impact on the Dallas Cowboys.

Early Life and College Career

Prescott’s early life was marked by significant adversity and familial commitments, both of which ultimately strengthened his resolve and crafted his iron-willed approach to life. He was primarily raised by his mother, Peggy Prescott, who worked as a manager at a truck stop to support her family after Prescott’s parents divorced. The untimely death of his mother to colon cancer in 2013 was a turning point for Prescott, developing resilience and determination that he carried into his football career.

His college career at Mississippi State was extraordinary. As a freshman, his performance was largely limited to backup quarterback and red zone situations. However, in his sophomore year, he moved into a significant play making role. His 26 touchdowns broke the school’s single-season record, and his performance landed him on the watch lists for the Davey O’Brien Award and the Manning Award. Prescott’s senior season established him as one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. His extraordinary ability to adapt his play to the changing dynamics of defense made him a strong candidate for the Heisman Trophy.

NFL Draft and Dallas Cowboys

In 2016, Prescott was drafted 135th overall on Day 3 by the Dallas Cowboys, intended as the backup to veteran starter Tony Romo. Prescott, however, had different plans, and quickly showcased his talent in the pre-season games. An unfortunate back injury to Romo led Prescott to start as a rookie at the beginning of the 2016 season. It was a baptism by fire, a test that he passed with flying colors.

Prescott’s rookie season was memorable. He led the Cowboys to a 13-3 regular season record and the number one seed in the NFC. Prescott was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and was selected to the Pro Bowl.

In subsequent years, Prescott has proven he is not a one-season wonder. Time and again, he has led the Cowboys to crucial wins, kept them in contention for the playoffs, and has earned a reputation as an unfaltering leader.

Community Involvement and Recognition

Off the field, Dak Prescott’s leadership extends to the community. He has been actively involved in numerous charities and community service projects throughout his career. His primary focus is on cancer research and support for those affected by cancer—a cause close to his heart because of his mother’s battle with the disease.

Prescott received the “Haier Achievement Award,” recognizing college football players accomplishing great things beyond athletics, illustrating he is much more than just an athlete.

Dallas Cowboys’ Success and Dak Prescott

Prescott’s role in transforming the Dallas Cowboys into one of the top NFC teams is undeniable. Under his guidance, the Cowboys have reestablished themselves as annual playoff contenders.

Prescott’s exceptional ability to read defenses and adjust leads to some of Dallas’ biggest victories. His leadership, both on and off the field, continues to inspire his teammates and fans alike.


  • Dak Prescott was the eighth quarterback taken in the 2016 NFL draft; he was selected in the fourth round with a 135th overall pick.
  • In his first NFL game, Prescott completed 25 of 45 passes for 227 yards.
  • In his rookie season, he set several rookie quarterback records, including the highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback (104.9) and the highest touchdown to interception ratio (5.75).
  • Prescott was the first quarterback in NFL history to pass for at least 20 touchdowns and rush for at least five in each of his first three seasons.
  • He has been selected to the NFL Pro Bowl twice, in 2016 and 2018.
  • Off the field, Prescott established the Faith Fight Finish foundation in his mother’s honor to support those battling cancer and other life-challenging hardships.
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