Colt Ford - Colt Ford: Charting the Course of a Country Rap Pioneer - 06/Apr/2024

Colt Ford – Colt Ford: Charting the Course of a Country Rap Pioneer – 06/Apr/2024

Colt Ford: Charting the Course of a Country Rap Pioneer

With his signature blend of country music and hip-hop, Colt Ford has become an intriguing figure on the modern music scene. Straddling the line between two genres that are often seen as worlds apart, Ford has managed to carve out a unique niche and garner a dedicated following with his distinctive style and candid storytelling. This article delves into the journey of Jason Farris Brown, known professionally as Colt Ford, exploring his impact on country music, the evolution of his career, and why his approach commands attention.

The Rise of Jason Farris Brown to Colt Ford

Born on August 27, 1969, in Athens, Georgia, Jason Farris Brown would go on to adopt the stage name Colt Ford, bringing together his Georgia roots and an affinity for country life to craft his music persona. Before stepping onto the music stage, Brown was a professional golfer. However, his passion for music would eventually take precedence, leading him down a very different career path.

Ford’s music is a fusion of classic country themes such as rural life, love, and patriotism with the urban beats and rhythm of hip-hop. This crossover appeal wasn’t initially embraced by mainstream country radio, yet it resonated with fans who appreciated Ford’s authentic narratives and blended sound.

Colt Ford’s Musical Milestones

In 2008, Ford co-founded Average Joes Entertainment to release his debut album “Ride Through the Country.” The album’s title track featured John Michael Montgomery and signaled Ford’s arrival in the country rap genre. “Ride Through the Country” achieved remarkable success for an independently released album, introducing fans to his unconventional style.

Hits like “Dirt Road Anthem,” which Ford co-wrote with Brantley Gilbert and would later be popularized by Jason Aldean, showcased his songwriting capabilities. Ford’s lyrics frequently depict stories and scenarios relatable to his audience’s daily lives—amplifying his appeal among listeners who find authenticity in his words.

Following albums like “Chicken & Biscuits” (2010) and “Every Chance I Get” (2011) solidified Ford’s stance in the growing genre of country rap or “hick-hop.” Through these albums and their accompanying tours, Colt Ford cemented his reputation as an entertainer who could draw crowds with his energetic performances.

Despite skepticism from some traditionalists in the country music industry who are unsure where his music fits within conventional genres, Colt Ford’s crossover appeal has shown resilience in an often purist field. His collaboration with other artists has been a significant part of this journey.

Collaborative Ventures in Music

An indicative highlight of Ford’s career is noteworthy collaborations with artists across multiple genres. His flexible style has allowed him to work alongside names like Toby Keith, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Keith Urban, and many other established performers. These collaborations have not only brought a diversity of sound to his records but also expanded his reach beyond his initial fan base.

His fifth studio album, “Thanks for Listening,” released in 2014 brought collaborative tracks such as “Cut ‘Em All” featuring Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson and “Workin’ On” shedding light on veteran issues—a topic deeply important to Ford—highlighting his varied thematic choices.


  • Despite alternative routes to fame, Colt Ford’s debut album “Ride Through the Country” reached number 24 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.
  • He is credited as one of the songwriters on “Dirt Road Anthem,” which peaked at number 49 on the Hot Country Songs chart before being covered by Jason Aldean.
  • Over a decade into his career, Colt Ford boasts over 1 million albums sold and a slot on the Billboard charts with every studio album release.
  • Paving New Paths: The Influence of Colt Ford in Country Music and Beyond

    Indeed, Colt Ford has fashioned out a space where rap-infused beats can peacefully coexist with southern storytelling, creating an inclusive meeting ground for diverse audiences. His music has helped propel country rap into a recognized niche within not just country circles but in the broader musical landscape.

    The legacy so far is timely in today’s cultural climate where barriers continue to be broken down across all forms of media. His unique ability to sit at this musical crossroads enables a cross-pollination of styles thereby enriching both country and rap genres. Independent success stories like Colt Ford’s are pivotal; they challenge industry norms and provide alternatives for artists intent on defining success in their own terms.

    Ford continues his journey through the dynamic terrains of music and culture, gaining new followers while maintaining loyalty from long-time fans—the hallmark of a versatile artist creating timeless soundtracks for a diverse America.

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