Chicago Bears - History of the Chicago Bears - 12/Mar/2024

Chicago Bears – History of the Chicago Bears – 12/Mar/2024

# Comprehensive Overview of the Chicago Bears: Tradition, History, and Current Form

The Chicago Bears are one of the most storied franchises in National Football League (NFL) history. Established in 1920, the Bears have left an indelible mark on the sport, contributing to its growth and popularity in America and becoming iconic cultural figures in the process. This article takes an extensive look at the Chicago Bears, examining their history, present-day circumstances, contributions to football, fan culture, community involvement, and then concludes with a list of relevant facts and statistics.

History of the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were originally founded as the Decatur Staleys by A.E. Staley as part of the American Professional Football Association (APFA), which would later be renamed the NFL. In 1921, the team moved to Chicago and became known as the Chicago Staleys before settling on the Chicago Bears branding a year later. Owned by legendary coach and player George Halas, the Bears quickly became one of the most proficient teams in the league.

During their early years, the Bears were known for their innovative style of play and for fostering many of the rules and nuances that define modern football. Halas’s marquee signing, running back Red Grange, proved crucial in helping to popularize professional football at a time when college football dominated the landscape.

The team’s winning tradition took off swiftly, securing numerous championship titles in the pre-Super Bowl era (1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, and 1946). They continued to succeed after the AFL-NFL merger and won Super Bowl XX following the 1985 season.

Present-Day Chicago Bears

Presently, the Chicago Bears compete in the NFL’s NFC North division. For Bear enthusiasts and followers of NFL narratives alike, contemporary endeavors of the team spark debates about potential and performance grounded in a rich history.

Recently, playoff appearances have been sporadic for the Bears. The team has shuffled through several quarterbacks and coaching regimes in hopes of rediscovering their winning formula. This illustrates a cycle familiar to many NFL teams—balancing immediate competitive pressures with strategies for long-term success.

Contributions to Professional Football

The Bears cannot be insulated from discussions around contributions to professional football. Their ’46 Defense’, perfected during their successful eras and formulated by then-defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, established defensive formations that influenced generations.

In addition to tactical contributions, certain iconic Bears players like linebacker Dick Butkus and running back Walter Payton became legends held up as exemplars of their respective positions. Their careers symbolize an era where tenacity and drive were celebrated hallmarks of football culture.

Fan Culture and Loyalty

Union between franchise and fan base is strong with generational loyalty serving as testament to their entrenched presence within Chicago’s cultural fabric. Soldier Field, where the Bears have played since 1971 (with renovation interruptions), has been a cathedral-like venue where fans from multiple generations have gathered.

In bear hats and Fortunato jerseys alike, arrays gleeful attendees witness gridiron Sunday rituals through tailgating festivities to adrenaline-pummeled final drives. The ‘Superfans’ skits featured on ‘Saturday Night Live’ highlighted not only this fanatical devotion but also encapsulated a national perception of Midwestern enthusiasm for football.

Community Involvement

The Bears take great pride in being “leaders off the field,” indicating not just a commitment to professional excellence but also to positive societal impact. Through their outreach program “Bears Care,” the organization focuses on improving health and wellbeing for families in need within the greater Chicago area.

The emphasis on philanthropy resonates strongly amongst players past and present who recognize representing the Bears is tantamount to being stewards of community well-being—further reinforcing bonds that extend beyond touchdowns or tackles into tangible societal enrichment.


  • Founded: 1920 (as Decatur Staleys)
  • Championships: 9 (including one Super Bowl)
  • Notable Hall of Famers: George Halas, Red Grange, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus
  • Iconic Moment: Super Bowl XX Victory (1985 Season)
  • Community Program: Bears Care
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