Campbell Hatton - The Rise of Campbell Hatton in Professional Boxing - 24/Mar/2024

Campbell Hatton – The Rise of Campbell Hatton in Professional Boxing – 24/Mar/2024

The Rise of Campbell Hatton in Professional Boxing

Campbell Hatton has been garnering attention in professional boxing, not just for his renowned family name but also for his promising career within the sport. Son of British boxing legend Ricky Hatton, Campbell has embarked on his journey in the boxing world with a considerable spotlight on him, leveraging his heritage but seeking to earn his stripes through dedication and skill.

Early Life and Influence of Ricky Hatton

Born on January 23, 2001, in Stockport, England, Campbell Hatton was introduced to boxing at a tender age. Growing up with a father who was a world champion naturally drew Campbell towards the sport. His father’s influence played a critical role in igniting the passion within him to emulate and possibly surpass the achievements of Ricky Hatton.

Amateur Career and Transition to Professional Boxing

Starting his endeavor in amateur boxing, Campbell learned the craft and honed his skills, understanding the discipline required for the sport. After approximately 60 amateur fights and picking up important wins in the North West titles, he decided to take the leap into professional ranks. Trained by Matthew Hatton, Campbell’s uncle and former professional boxer, he received guidance not only grounded in familial ties but also steeped in professional experience.

Facing the Pressure of Legacy

As expected from anyone who carries a legendary surname, Campbell faced scrutiny and comparisons with his father from the moment he decided to lace his gloves professionally. With a legacy pressuring him from one side and the public’s expectancy pushing from another, Campbell has sought to carve his own path. Through diligence and perseverance, he has begun to step out of his father’s shadow while still embracing the incredible boxing lineage that precedes him.

The Professional Debut and Career Progression

On March 27, 2021, Campbell Hatton made his much-anticipated professional debut. Sporting trunks that bore semblance to what his father once wore during fights—blue and white imbued with the Union Jack—Campbell secured a victory that would mark the start of his own legacy. The journey forward has been steeped in learning experiences as Campbell maneuvers through fights that challenge and push him to evolve as a fighter.

Skills, Style, and Present Outlook

Exhibiting a relentless high-pressure fighting style similar to his father’s, Campbell has displayed commitment to aggression coupled with developing finesse. In evolving his technique and style, he works tirelessly toward silencing critics by letting his performances speak in the ring.

Currently managed by Matchroom Boxing and promoted by Eddie Hearn—an industry juggernaut—Campbell’s career is poised for growth with careful match-making that looks to enhance his skills progressively. The young Mancunian’s journey through the ranks as a lightweight boxer will continue to garner interest from boxing fans around the world eager for new talent.


  • Campbell Hatton was born into a celebrated boxing family led by his father, Ricky Hatton, former WBU, IBF, IBO light-welterweight champion, and WBA welterweight champion.
  • As of [insert date], Campbell Hatton’s professional record is [insert record], demonstrating an ongoing growth phase in professional boxing.
  • Managed by Matchroom Boxing—a significant player in professional boxing promotion—Campbell’s career receives strategic guidance to optimize his development as a pro fighter.
  • Trained by Matthew Hatton—his uncle—ensures that he receives expertise that combines family instinct with professional boxing competency.
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    An image of Campbell Hatton stands poised in a boxing stance inside a well-lit ring during a match or training session. He is wearing blue and white boxing trunks emblazoned with the Union Jack, reflecting his strong family heritage in the sport. His focus and determination are evident as he appears ready to engage in combat or execute a strategic maneuver taught by his uncle and trainer, Matthew Hatton.