Callum Turner - Introduction to Callum Turner - 12/Jan/2024

Callum Turner – Introduction to Callum Turner – 12/Jan/2024

Introduction to Callum Turner

Callum Turner is a talented actor who has made a name for himself on both the small and big screen. Born in Chelsea, London, on February 15, 1990, Turner’s passion for acting blossomed from a young age. His talent began to shine when he studied acting at the highly regarded National Youth Theatre. This British actor has both captivated and intrigued audiences with his performances in various critically acclaimed television series and films in the U.K. and across the world.

Early Life and Education

Turner’s acting journey commenced during his formative years when he discovered his love for theater. Nurtured in a working-class environment, his mother, who worked in sales, encouraged his artistic inclinations. After completing his studies at Orleans Park School, he went on to polish his acting skills at the National Youth Theatre. This institution, known for producing some of the U.K.’s finest actors, provided Turner with the platform to learn, grow, and establish himself in the acting industry.

First Steps into the acting world

Turner’s first major break came in 2012 when he landed the role of Eli in the E4 series ‘Glue.’ This British television series was a turning point in his career, and it put him on the map. Director Alexandra McGuinness spotted his acting prowess and subsequently cast him in her film ‘Lotus Eaters’ in the same year. There was no looking back for Turner after this, as he continued to score roles in various notable film and television projects.

Rise to Stardom

Following his successful stint in ‘Glue’, Turner appeared in the war drama ‘Queen & Country’ in 2014, where he played the lead role alongside ‘Game of Thrones’ star Richard Madden. His performance was applauded by both critics and viewers, and his impressing acting skills caught the attention of many directors. In 2016, he was cast in the film ‘War & Peace,’ which solidified his place in the industry. Turner’s stature continued to grow as he clinched roles in series like ‘The Capture’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.’

Recent Roles and Acclaim

In recent years, Turner has blossomed into a versatile and reliable actor. He shot to international fame with his role as Theseus Scamander in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ series, a spin-off of the beloved ‘Harry Potter’ series. Aside from his film work, Turner’s role in the compelling BBC drama ‘The Capture’ received significant recognition and added another feather to his illustrious acting cap.


  • Callum Turner was born in Chelsea, London, on February 15, 1990.
  • He attended the National Youth Theatre, a renowned institution that has produced many distinguished British actors.
  • He got his major break in 2012 in the E4 series ‘Glue.’
  • He shot to international fame with his role as Theseus Scamander in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ series.
  • He received significant recognition for his role in the BBC drama ‘The Capture.’
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