Ben McLemore - The Career and Contributions of NBA Player Ben McLemore - 12/Apr/2024

Ben McLemore – The Career and Contributions of NBA Player Ben McLemore – 12/Apr/2024

The Career and Contributions of NBA Player Ben McLemore

Ben McLemore, a name that resonates with many National Basketball Association (NBA) fans, has become a significant player in the world of professional basketball. Known for his shooting prowess and athleticism, McLemore’s journey from a promising young talent to an established NBA veteran has piqued the interest of fans and analysts alike. This article aims to detail McLemore’s career, examine his contributions to various teams, and highlight his personal achievements and community engagements.

Early Years and College Highlights

Ben McLemore spent his childhood in Wellston, Missouri, where he first developed his passion for basketball. His drive and talent were evident early on and would eventually lead him to join the University of Kansas’ prestigious basketball program. At Kansas, McLemore redshirted his first year but made a significant impact in his redshirt freshman season.

Not only did he impress with eye-catching dunks and sharp shooting, but he also earned several accolades for his performances. His ability to score both inside and beyond the arc was remarkable. He was named to the Big 12 All-Rookie Team and got several freshman awards. His remarkable college season made him an alluring candidate for the NBA.

NBA Draft and Rookie Season

McLemore declared for the NBA Draft following his freshman year and was selected 7th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2013 NBA Draft. His rookie campaign started with high expectations, given his college success. Although he faced the typical challenges of transitioning to the professional level, McLemore showed glimpses of the scoring talent that had made him a prominent player at Kansas. He finished his rookie season with respectable statistics for a newcomer.

Development and Challenges

During his time with the Kings, McLemore’s growth was steady if not meteoric. His athleticism was always on display, but consistent performance was something he grappled with. Despite this, he demonstrated his value as a reliable shooter and had several standout games that showcased his potential to be more than just a role player.

While consistently finding his footing within the team’s rotation proved challenging, McLemore’s work ethic and commitment to improvement were unmistakable. He spent four seasons with Sacramento before exploring opportunities with different franchises, including stints with the Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers among others.

Peak Performances and Contributions to Teams

One of McLemore’s strengths throughout his professional career has been his sharpshooting ability. Teams have often turned to him as a bench player who could provide instant offense through spreading the floor with his three-point shooting prowess. In particular, while with the Grizzlies, McLemore had several standout performances where he served as a crucial scoring option off the bench.

With each team he joined, McLemore demonstrated a willingness to adapt based on what was needed from him – whether stepping up as a perimeter defender or taking initiative on offense when key players were sidelined due to injury or rest. It is this versatility that has kept him relevant in an ever-evolving NBA landscape.

Community Involvement and Personal Growth

Aside from his performances on the court, McLemore is known for his sense of social responsibility. Throughout his career, he has made an effort to give back to communities through various initiatives such as youth camps and fundraising events. Such efforts speak volumes about his character off-court being seen as a positive role model for younger fans looking up to professional athletes.


  • Ben McLemore had an impressive college basketball season before joining NBA which earned him numerous accolades in his redshirt freshman year.
  • Selected 7th overall by Sacramento Kings in 2013 NBA Draft solidified his status as one of the elite prospects of his class.
  • Through both high-scoring games and slumps, McLemore has experienced a journeyman’s path in the NBA which has taken him across several teams where he contributed as valuable sharpshooter off-the-bench player.
  • Community engagement endeavors include running youth basketball camps and contributing to various charity events reflecting his desire to influence society positively outside of basketball.
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