Austin Ekeler - Austin Ekeler: A Dynamic Force in the NFL Backfield - 12/Mar/2024

Austin Ekeler – Austin Ekeler: A Dynamic Force in the NFL Backfield – 12/Mar/2024

Austin Ekeler: A Dynamic Force in the NFL Backfield

Austin Ekeler has established himself as one of the most electric playmakers in the National Football League (NFL). A running back for the Los Angeles Chargers, his unique skill set and journey to NFL success is a tale of determination, versatility, and athletic prowess. Despite facing odds that have led many to overlook him, Ekeler has risen to prominence through his exceptional play on the field.

Early Years and Collegiate Career

From Underrated Prospect to Dominant College Player

Austin Ekeler’s story begins in Eaton, Colorado, where he played high school football for the Eaton Reds. His standout performance at the high school level, however, did not translate into heavy recruitment by Division I college football programs. Undeterred, Ekeler took his talents to Western State Colorado University—a small Division II school located in Gunnison, Colorado.

Shattering Records at Western State

In college, he quickly became a star for the Mountaineers. Ekeler’s college tenure was marked by his fearsome combination of speed and power. Across four seasons, he racked up an astonishing 5,857 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns. His outstanding numbers not only put Western State on the map but also set multiple school and Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference records. Despite this impressive performance, Ekeler’s prospects of playing in the NFL were still seen as a long shot by many scouts due to playing at a smaller college and concerns about how his play would translate to the professional level.

Road to Professional Football

Undrafted but Unbowed: Making It to the NFL

In 2017, after being overlooked in the NFL Draft, Austin Ekeler signed with the Los Angeles Chargers as an undrafted free agent. This opportunity was all he needed. With a combination of grit and dazzling preseason performances, Ekeler secured a spot on the team’s roster. He entered the league with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove—that he could compete at the highest level regardless of his non-traditional path to the NFL.

Rising Star with the Chargers

Austin Ekeler quickly made an impact on the Chargers offense. Throughout his rookie year and subsequent seasons, he demonstrated that he was a multifaceted threat capable of running between the tackles, catching passes out of the backfield, and contributing on special teams. His breakaway speed, agility and offensive savvy soon made him an indispensable asset for the Chargers’ dynamic offense.

Redefining the Role of an NFL Running Back

Ekeler has been at the forefront of redefining what it means to be an NFL running back in recent years. In an era where passing dominates the league, Ekeler’s abilities as a receiver are just as valuable—if not more so—than his rushing talent. His capacity to line up across various offensive sets adds an unpredictable element to his team’s scheme.

Maximization of Talent Through Adaptation and Growth

Despite not being the prototypical size for an NFL back, Ekeler’s understanding of leveraging his center of gravity and exploiting angles has allowed him to be just as effective as any power runner within tight spaces or goal-line situations. Moreover, his continuous commitment to improving route running has established him as not only a threat on handoffs but also a reliable option for his quarterback on critical downs.

Achievements and Community Engagement

Espousing Productive Seasons and Setting Personal Benchmarks

Year after year, Austin Ekeler’s stat line reflects productive seasons rife with personal milestones. He is duly recognized through accolades such as appearances on ‘top players’ lists and nominations for weekly league honors, which are further testimonials to his ascending career trajectory.

Impact Off-the-Field: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

As admirable as his on-field contributions are, it’s perhaps Ekeler’s off-the-field endeavors that solidify his status as a role model. From founding his own gym to championing community engagement programs, Ekeler’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond football. His charitable work focuses on initiatives ranging from fitness education to mental health awareness—areas closely linked to his beliefs.


  • As of the knowledge cutoff date in 2023, Austin Ekeler remains an integral part of the Los Angeles Chargers’ offense.—
  • Throughout college, Austin Ekeler was a force to reckon with—he completed over 900 carries with an average above six yards per carry.—
  • Cementing his multi-purpose back role, Austin Ekeler has accumulated numerous receptions across multiple seasons,—indicating his versatility.
  • His commitment towards community upliftment is reflected through various fundraisers he participates in or organizes himself.—

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