Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small - Early Political Career and Background of Marty Small - 02/Apr/2024

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small – Early Political Career and Background of Marty Small – 02/Apr/2024

# The Political Journey of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small: A Neutrally-Observed Overview

Since assuming office, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has navigated the complex political and economic landscape of one of New Jersey’s most famous resort cities. Under his leadership, the city has seen various initiatives and faced challenges emblematic of the region’s unique position.

Early Political Career and Background of Marty Small

Marty Small’s political journey began well before becoming mayor. A native of Atlantic City, Small’s early life experiences in the community he would come to lead were instrumental in shaping his approach to governing and public service. Known for his early involvement in local politics, Small served in a range of positions that led him to have a significant influence on municipal policies and community programs.

Ascension to Mayoral Office

Small took on the role of mayor during a tumultuous time for Atlantic City, following his predecessor’s resignation. He was confronted with both longstanding issues such as the city’s financial instability and new crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Small’s strategies and decisions while in office have been characterized by efforts to stimulate economic growth, address social challenges, and foster a sense of community resilience.

Economic Initiatives Led by Mayor Small

Mayor Small’s agenda included several key economic projects aimed at reviving Atlantic City’s fortunes. These have ranged from initiatives to support the local casino industry and promote tourism to exploring sustainable economic activities outside gaming. The redevelopment of certain areas and encouraging new businesses to set up shop has also been part of Mayor Small’s approach to revitalizing the city’s economic prospects.

Social and Community Focus

Mayor Small hasn’t focused solely on economic factors; his administration has also undertaken various social programs aimed at uplifting residents. Efforts to improve public education, enhance community safety, and tackle issues such as affordable housing have been markers of his tenure. As with all policymakers, Small’s actions in these areas have been subject to public debate and scrutiny.

Challenges Encountered

Leading Atlantic City has not been without its challenges. Mayor Small faced criticism from some quarters for handling different situations, including his strategies for dealing with economic instability following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on tourism revenues. Additionally, Atlantic City’s ongoing struggles with socioeconomic disparity have posed significant obstacles for the mayor’s social initiatives.

Efforts Toward Resilience and Recovery

In response to natural disasters such as coastal storms, which are increasingly relevant due to climate change, Mayor Small has had to tackle issues related to infrastructure resiliency, emergency management, and climate adaptation efforts. These efforts towards resilience seek to ensure Atlantic City can better withstand future crises while protecting its citizens.

Political Standing and Future Prospects

Mayor Small’s leadership continues under a scrutinous eye as he tackles the multifaceted issues presented by a city with a unique blend of economic reliance on tourism and universal urban challenges. His future prospects within local or even broader political arenas depend on his administration’s ability to navigate through these complexities successfully.


  • Atlantic City is one of New Jersey’s iconic boardwalk destinations known for its casinos and tourist attractions
  • Mayor Marty Small became mayor following the resignation of former Mayor Frank Gilliam
  • Under Mayor Small’s leadership, important economic development plans have aimed at diversifying Atlantic City’s economy beyond just gaming lammmmm

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