Anton Du Beke - The Life and Career of Anton Du Beke: Ballroom Champion and Television Star - 19/Mar/2024

Anton Du Beke – The Life and Career of Anton Du Beke: Ballroom Champion and Television Star – 19/Mar/2024

The Life and Career of Anton Du Beke: Ballroom Champion and Television Star

Anton Du Beke, known for his charming personality, impeccable dance skills, and being one of the UK’s most loved television dancers, has had a fascinating career that has spanned for several decades. His journey from competitive ballroom dancer to becoming a household name through BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” is one full of twists, turns, and lots of dancing. Let us take a deep dive into the life and legacy of Anton Du Beke.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Born Anthony Paul Beke on July 20, 1966, in Sevenoaks, Kent, he grew up in a family with a Spanish mother and a Hungarian father. With a natural proclivity toward rhythm and movement, it was at a relatively young age that Du Beke discovered his passion for dancing. However, his interest initially leaned towards ballet, before he discovered ballroom.

His determination and skill quickly elevated him within the competitive ballroom dancing circuit, where he forged partnerships with several professional dancers. Notably, his partnership with Erin Boag would become one of the most endearing and successful of his career.

Transition to Television Stardom

As Anton’s success in the competitive sphere grew, so did his opportunities in the wider entertainment industry. He transitioned smoothly from the dance floor to our television screens when he became part of the original lineup of professional dancers on “Strictly Come Dancing” when it aired in 2004.

On “Strictly,” Anton Du Beke became well-known for pairing with various celebrities each season, guiding them through weeks of challenging Latin and ballroom dances. His wit and gentility made him a fan favorite and an integral part of the show’s ongoing success. Though jokingly dubbed as the ‘King of Ballroom’, Anton has never actually won the competition but has reached the finals on more than one occasion.

Beyond Dance: A Multi-faceted Entertainment Career

Anton’s flair for entertainment didn’t stop at dancing. Capitalizing on his growing popularity, he expanded his repertoire to include different facets of showbiz such as hosting and authoring books.

He authored “Anton’s Dance Class,” a book aimed at sharing his dance expertise with the world. He also published novels such as “One Enchanted Evening” which demonstrate his knack for storytelling beyond just dance instruction. Furthermore, as a charismatic personality off the dance floor, Du Beke gradually took roles as a presenter and game show host putting his charm to good use outside the ballroom arena.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Away from the limelight, Du Beke involves himself in various charitable pursuits. He is actively current with organizations focused on bereavement support for children — stemming from personal experiences that he frequently acknowledges shaped him significantly.

In his personal life as well, Du Beke maintains a vibrant spotlight; he is a family man dedicated to his wife Hannah Summers and their twins George and Henrietta. The couple frequently shares their journey of parenting after welcoming their children later in life through IVF.

A Step Into Judging: The Evolution of His Role on Strictly

Du Beke’s role within Strictly Come Dancing saw an evolution when he temporarily stepped into the shoes of a judge during the series’ prior seasons – filling in for other judges who could not appear due to various reasons including, like strict Covid-19 protocols.

And then, fulfilling a longstanding ambition for many of his fans and perhaps himself as well, Anton officially joined the judging panel on “Strictly Come Dancing” replacing long-standing judge Bruno Tonioli. This moment marked a significant transition in his career: from dancing contender to an authoritative critique on dance performance.


  • Anton Du Beke’s real name is Anthony Paul Beke.
  • Born July 20 1966 in Sevenoaks, Kent, England.
  • Professional dancing partnership with Erin Boag began in 1997.
  • Has been part of “Strictly Come Dancing” since its inception in 2004.
  • Published author with titles including “Anton’s Dance Class” and “One Enchanted Evening”.
  • Joined the judging panel permanently on “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2021 after several guest appearances.
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    A dapper man with slicked-back hair smiles gracefully at the camera against a blurred background which could suggest a dance studio setting; this is Anton Du Beke in one of his recognizable formal professional attire options—a tuxedo or some other sort of tailcoat reflective of classic ballroom style.