A.J. Brown - Introduction to A.J. Brown - 13/Jan/2024

A.J. Brown – Introduction to A.J. Brown – 13/Jan/2024

Introduction to A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown, born as Arthur Juan Brown, is an acclaimed American football player who plays as a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). Born on June 30, 1997, Brown hails from Starkville, Mississippi. His journey in the sporting world began at Starkville High School, where he displayed an exceptional knack for the sport, and as a consequence, went on to play collegiate football at the University of Mississippi. The Tennessee Titans picked Brown in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, making him the 51st pick overall. Brown’s grit, determination, and on-ground performance have made him one of the promising stars in American football.

High School Career

A.J. Brown cemented his passion for football during his high school days. His natural talent made him a prime athlete at Starkville High School. Being a multi-faceted athlete, he not only excelled in football but also proved himself in baseball, playing as an outfielder and later receiving an opportunity to play in the Padres organization. However, Brown declined this offer as he gravitated more towards pursuing a career in football.

Starkville High allowed Brown to nurture and sharpen his athleticism. The player’s meteoric rise in high school football culminated in his participation in the annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl, and it paved the way for a successful college career in sports.

Collegiate Career

Brown’s outstanding records in high school attracted many prestigious colleges, but the athlete decided to stay close to home and attended the University of Mississippi. He played for Ole Miss Rebels from 2016 to 2018, displaying sheer dominance on the field.

In his sophomore year, Brown set a single-season school record receiving 1,252 yards, thus establishing himself as a key player for the Rebels. He continued this streak in his junior year as well, finishing with an impressive 1,320 receiving yards and six touchdowns. His meritorious performance won him the Conerly Trophy, recognizing him as the best college football player in the state of Mississippi.

A.J. Brown in the NFL

After a successful run at the college level, A.J. Brown declared his intentions for the 2019 NFL Draft. The Tennessee Titans drafted him in the second round, recognizing his potential as a formidable receiver.

Brown recorded an impressive rookie season, finishing with 1,051 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, becoming the franchise’s first 1,000-yard rookie receiver. His second season offered a similar track record, as he finished with 1,075 yards and eleven touchdowns, showing consistent performance throughout the year.

Impact on Tennessee Titans

Since joining, A.J. has had a substantial impact on the Titans. His consistent performance and dedication have been instrumental in pushing the Titans’ offense forward, as seen in their back-to-back playoff appearances in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. His role as a wide receiver has undeniably bolstered the Titans’ receiving capabilities, making him a cornerstone of their offensive strategy.


  • A.J. Brown finished his stellar college career with 2,984 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns over three seasons.
  • Brown’s rookie season for the Titans set a club record for most receiving yards by a rookie.
  • In 2020, he was the NFL’s fifth-best wide receiver in yards per reception, with an impressive average of 15.4.
  • Brown has aced two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons in his first two years in the NFL.
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